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18.No Targeted Command

In the chapter about [interface element], we described what they were and how to target them with the targeted command. However, it is not always possible to find the right interface elements as targets. Therefore, we need to learn to use the "No Target Command" in case of some emergencies.

In the last chapter we actually call the interface provided by the software, in which the interface elements are located, when we look up and manipulate the interface elements. What UiBot does is unify these different kinds of interfaces so that the writer of the process doesn't have to pay attention to these details. However, there will still be some software that does not provide us with an interface for finding, manipulating, or providing an interface but rather, shuts down at the final release. Such software includes:

Virtual machine and remote desktop Include Citrix, VMWare, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, Remote Desktop (RDP), various Android simulators (such as [Reliable Assistant] (http://www.kpzs.com)), etc.

These programs have separate operating systems running, and the operating system in which UiBot resides in is completely isolated, and 45 UiBot naturally cannot manipulate the interface elements in another operating system.

If the condition permits, you can still install the UiBot and the software involved in the process on the virtual machine or on the remote computer. As a result, the interfaces provided by this software can be used directly by UiBot because they are still running in the same operating system, and the local computer is simply acting as a monitor.

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