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For UiBot, we need to know the following concepts below:

• Workflow

• Flow Chart

• Command

• Attribute

These four concepts are linked to one another. A workflow contains multiple flow charts; a flow chart contains multiple commands; and a command contains multiple attributes. Be aware that these four concepts will be a recurrent theme throughout the course and will be expanded upon not only in this chapter but also in later chapters.

The first concept is Workflow. The so-called workflow refers to a task that you want to accomplish with UiBot. Although UiBot can be used to build multiple workflows in succession simultaneously, only one workflow can be written at a time and work. In the future, UiBot Worker and UiBot Commander will also be used with workflow as the basic unit.

After starting UiBot, you can create a process by clicking on the "New Workflow" button on the left and specifying the storage path.

New Workflow with UiBot

If you've used the keypad wizard before, the workflow is roughly equivalent to the "script" in the keypad wizard. Of course, there are some differences between workflow in UiBot and script in keypad wizard. For example, workflow contains a folder, not just a file like in keypad. The most important difference between the two is that the workflows in UiBot are shown in flow charts.

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