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7.Code View

You may have noticed that on the top of the Assembly Area, there is a switch that can be dialed from the left and right. The options on the left and right sides are "Visualization" and "Source Code,” respectively. The default is "Visualization.” However, we can switch it to the Source Code state which will make Property Variable Area disappear

"Code View" is similar to "Visual View.” Source View actually shows the commands contained in the current process block as well as the attributes of each command, but there are no boxes to identify each command nor Attribute Areas to list each attribute neatly.

Visual View and Code View describe the same process block with the same connotation, but they are actually two different ways of showing the same thing. Visual View highlights the commands and their relationships in a graphical way, which is suitable for displaying the overall logic of the process block. Source View highlights the essence of the process block through program code, and shows all the details of the process block.

Two Views of Aircraft

For example, the Visual View and the Source Code View are like the view of the aircraft above. In fact, the left and right wings of the F-16 aircraft are basically symmetrical, but why do they look different? Because its right wing is drawn by the appearance view, showing the overall shape, while the left wing is drawn by perspective view, showing the internal structure. The same aircraft, with two views to show different content, can consider the concerns of different audiences. In the same way, the process block can show different content with two views of the same entity which take into account the two indicators of simplicity and efficiency of the RPA platform.

If you are already familiar with UiBot, switch to the Source View and write commands and attributes without leaving the keyboard. UiBot has 19 many experiential optimizations in Source View which can help you quickly select the commands you need, fill in the attributes quickly (as shown below), and let you write the commands without an issue

Add Commands to Code View

Some readers may ask whether I want to use Visual View or Source View. The answer is: It doesn’t necessarily matter because regardless of the view you use, you can switch to another view at any time. Whatever you write on one view, when you switch to another, the content will be 100% preserved. Consequently, you can use the Visual View first, and after a little familiarity, you can switch to the Source View and vice versa.

Additionally, the Code View has another advantage. When you ask for help from others in forums and QQ groups, just switch to the Source Code View and copy and paste the source code. You can then show your process block in a text box. The other party can read the source code directly or paste the text of the source code into his UiBot and switch to the Visual View to see it. This will greatly improve the efficiency of communication between users of UiBot.

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