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16.SAP Client Program

SAP client program needs to open script support in settings in order to select it properly. Let's take SAP 710 client as an example:

1. Open the SAP client program and enter the main login interface.

2. Enter rz11 transaction code and enter the corresponding interface.

SAP Input Transaction Code

3. Enter sapgui/user_scripting in the transaction interface and click display.

Rz11 Transaction Interface

4. Look at the current value option of Current Value. If TRUE is selected, no changes are required; if FALSE, click Change Value and change it to TRUE.

Sapgui setup Interface

5. Click the Settings button and select Options.

SAP Client Setup OptionsSAP Client Setup Options

6. Switch to the “Scripting” tab, check the "Enable Scripting" option, and uncheck the "Notify When a Script Attaches to Running Man GUI" and "Notify When a Script Opens a Connection" options.

SAP Client Scripting Tab Settings

After setting up, we can use UiBot to acquire and manipulate the interface elements of the SAP client, similar to common Windows software. In addition to the "mouse click" and "keyboard input" operations described in the previous article, let's look at a new example using UiBot to automatically set the contents of the radio box.

Under the command of the "Interface Elements" class, find the "Set Elements Check" command and drag it into the Assembly Area. Press "Find Target" to see that UiBot's interface element selection mask can 43 accurately hide the location of each radio box in the SAP client. Select the radio box we are interested in and select “Yes” in the command property bar. As shown in the figure:

SAP Client Scripting Tab Settings

Running this process, you can see that the SAP client's radio box is automatically set to "Display in Bound Call" by UiBot.

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