Cobotics: A New Type of Workplace Relationship

February 18 2021

The robotic revolution has delivered us a new type of relationship: Cobotics. What is it and how does it work? Read below to find out.

How AI is redefining RPA

February 03 2021

We’ve all heard that RPA and AI are two powerful technologies that can be combined to bring about phenomenal results. But what exactly does AI add to RPA and why is it that they are better together than alone? Read below to find out.

A guide to choosing the right RPA vendor

January 29 2021

With thousands of RPA vendors out there, choosing the right one could be tricky. Luckily, we've drafted a helpful guide on what to look for when deciding which RPA solution to implement in your organisation. Read below!

Strengthen Security with RPA

January 20 2021

In the increasingly digital world that we live in today, cybercrime is a terrifying threat — Remember WannaCry? An innocent click could cause a data disaster. RPA is a great way to reduce cyber risks and increase cybersecurity. Here’s how.

Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing

January 13 2021

RPA allows manufacturing companies to operate more efficiently by accelerating key processes while also offering real-time insight into business performance. Read more here.

How RPA is Reshaping Call Centers

January 06 2021

How can call centres satisfy the rising customer demands and expectations for a fast, personalised service? There's one solution and it's easy to implement, effective and highly profitable. Read more below.

Business Recover from COVID 19 via RPA

December 31 2020

What are some innovative ways to ‘future-proof’ a business amid COVID-19? Read below on how organisations are leveraging RPA to tackle COVID-19 challenges and prepare themselves for the future!

Implementing RPA in Finance

November 11 2020

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest trend in the financial industry, bringing about some jaw-dropping benefits. Many finance firms have realized the true power of RPA and are already using it to digitalize many aspects of their organization and dramatically boost operational efficiency.

How to Implement RPA in Banking & Finance?

November 08 2020

Finance leaders know very well the massive benefits RPA can bring to their organisation, but just don't know where to start. Perhaps that's because they haven't read this article!