Attended or Unattended Bots: Which is Better?

October 04 2020

Confused about what's the difference between attended and unattended RPA bots? Which functions are available with an attended robot? Read this blog to know more about it!

Driving Customer Loyalty in the Tourism Industry

September 30 2020

Are you the owner of a travel agency seeking growth in your income? In this blog, we explain how RPA puts employees back at the heart of the travel industry, to streamline their operations, optimize processes, and enhance the customer experience.

How RPA Could Transform the H2R Processes?

September 27 2020

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) frees the Human Resources department from its highly repetitive and redundant tasks, so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. In this blog, we explained what HR tasks you can automate through Laiye RPA tools.

RPA at the Heart of a Telecommunication Carrier Ecosystem

September 20 2020

There are numerous business processes in the telecommunication carrier ecosystem that are highly manual, repetitive, and rule-based such as service assurance, service fulfillment, billing, and so on. In this blog, we will give you a few examples of the use cases RPA has in telecommunications.

RPA Wave Headed Toward CPG and Retail Industries

September 13 2020

Retail has been one of the most enchanting and thriving industries in recent years. In this blog, we will explain how RPA can foster greater trust and collaboration across the global supply chain with real-time, universal insights into the products and the processes.

How RPA Technology Might Transform Insurance Industry

September 09 2020

We explain how RPA might transform the insurance industry into a customer-centric industry while reducing the operational costs and increasing the revenue. In addition, improving the employees’ productivity will result in enhanced customer experience and increases the number of loyal customers.

How RPA Could Save Lives During the Coronavirus Pandemic

September 06 2020

During the COVID-19, the most important challenge all over the world is the same, lack of sufficient human resources in clinics and hospitals. Here to explain a few scenarios that Laiye UiBot RPA + AI solution could let the staff free from the paperwork and engage in saving more lives.

The Turning Moment of the RPA Market

September 02 2020

In the Forrester's report, they list Laiye UiBot as one of the key players in the Chinese RPA market. This article is about seven reasons why Laiye UiBot meets the parameters introduced in the given list of seven innovations.

How RPA Drives Procurement and Purchase

August 30 2020

RPA (robotic process automation), software that can emulate human operations on a PC, can be vastly useful in automating repetitive tasks in the S2P process. Here at Laiye, we offer Laiye UiBot, an RPA+AI product that can drive procurement and purchase at your company.