5 Ways RPA Can Automate Banking Workflows

July 22 2020

Banks and other financial institutions have to handle various administrative tasks every day, whether it is maintaining the general ledger or processing loans and mortgages. Here at Laiye, we offer Laiye UiBot, an RPA product that can help banks create robots to automate a wide variety of tasks.

5 Ways to Transform your Finance and Accounting Departments with RPA

July 19 2020

As companies strive to optimize their finances for long-term sustainability and success, a lot of pressure is placed on the finance and accounting teams, which are expected to be timely, accurate, and effective.

Driving the Outsourcing Industry’s Evolution with RPA

July 15 2020

The outsourcing industry traditionally played an enormous role in helping organizations cut costs, save time, and focus on core tasks. Here at Laiye, we offer Laiye UiBot, an RPA product that can help BPO businesses gain a competitive edge and adapt to changing circumstances.

How Enterprises can Effectively Deploy RPA to Official Applications

July 12 2020

Laiye offers Laiye UiBot, an RPA product that is compatible with many official application tools, efficiently and accurately automating your business’s workflows.

Overcoming Coronavirus: Unleashing the Combined Power of RPA and Chatbot

July 08 2020

During this challenging COVID-19 pandemic, RPA (robotic process automation) and chatbot technologies are helping businesses survive by providing efficient and accurate solutions at the lower cost.

Driving Customer Loyalty with Electronic Commerce

July 07 2020

Laiye, the leader of RPA+AI in China, continues to provide its chatbot platform Wulai to its clients, helping e-commerce providers drive customer loyalty. Wulai, initially launched in 2017, helps enterprises build, train, and deploy chatbots.

How to Fully Automate Your Inventory Management Department with Laiye UiBot

July 05 2020

Businesses that sell physical products need to have a decisive inventory management department, which is responsible for sourcing, storing, and selling inventory.

How Sales and Marketing Can Benefit from Robotic Process Automation

July 01 2020

Laiye UiBot is an RPA product that can greatly improve efficiency, worker satisfaction, and accuracy while lowering costs by helping automate repetitive work. Unaffected by fatigue, stress, or emotions, Laiye UiBot robots can work 24/7, all year round with over 95% accuracy.

How RPA Is Enhancing the Efficiency of Business Operations

June 28 2020

If a business wishes to thrive, it must have robust operations. Though the concrete tasks that fall under this broad category differ based on the industry, business operations are the processes that a business engages in to harvest value from assets and make a profit.