How Does RPA Impact the Manufacturing Industry

June 24 2020

Now, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can extend beyond the physical realm of factories and power plants and be implemented on PC, further enhancing the manufacturing industry’s ability to automate daily activities.

How can Banking and Financial Institutions Withstand the Impact of Conoravirus

June 21 2020

Like many other industries impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, the financial and banking sectors are facing a time of uncertainty. Faced with an unstable economy caused by the pandemic, banks and financial businesses have to give out more loans or process more requests.

How to Develop a More Effective Human Resources Department

June 17 2020

To keep up with today’s fast-paced world, companies strive to improve their HR abilities so that they may effectively find the right employees and create the best work environment.

How Can the Healthcare Industry Overcome the Challenges of Coronavirus Crisis

June 14 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put significant pressure, especially on the healthcare industry. With a global average of only 1.656 physicians per 1000 people, healthcare providers and companies struggle to respond to an increasing number of patients infected with the respiratory disease.

How to Build Profitable Retail Business During Coronavirus

June 10 2020

From restaurants to clothing stores, retail is undoubtedly an enormous sector in the economy; according to Statista, the global retail market was worth an estimated 25.04 trillion USD in 2019.

Laiye UiBot and Wulai Chatbot

June 08 2020

Having hosted over 150 offline training sessions, distributed over 1,259,257 product downloads, and served over 311,213 registered users, Laiye Technologies is a leading RPA developer and supports the largest RPA developer community ecosystem in China.

Coronavirus Spreading But Technology And Love Never Stop

May 25 2020

Unexpected coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak reaching fever pitch across the world, and the number of infected person is growing from all over the world, employees can not work in the office as normal.