Forrester: The State Of Robotic Process Automation Maturity In Asia Pacific

March 15 2021

Forrester recently identified Asia's RPA market to be quite unique compared to Europe and North America. Why exactly and what are its peculiarities? We summarize Forrester's analysis to answer these questions. Read here:

Airlines Accelerate Digital Transformation with RPA

December 16 2020

How can airlines recover from one of the greatest disruptions in the aviation sector? Well, many are turning to RPA after realizing its tremendous potential for the aviation industry. Read more below.

4 Use Cases Showing RPA's Powerful Effects in the IT Sector

December 08 2020

Imagine how much more could be done in the company if the IT staff weren’t using so much of their time on the usual repetitive processes — well, now you no longer have to imagine. Read below to find out how the IT sector can dramatically benefit from RPA.

China’s Leading Pharmaceutical Company Reduces Data Entry Time 90% With Laiye

November 25 2020

Let's admit it. We all hate doing that one annoying task at work: data entry. No one wants to do it! No one except robots. Read below about how one Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company used RPA to free its staff from this tiresome task and cut data entry time by an astounding 90%!

How A Logistics Provider Boosted Customer Satisfaction through RPA

November 22 2020

No more mistaken deliveries, no more errors, no more complaints. Yes – it’s every logistic provider’s dream. But one company turned it into reality. Find out how below.

How an IT giant used RPA to boost employee productivity

November 18 2020

Want your employees to be more productive? Give them an automated helping hand. That’s exactly what one major IT provider did. Read more below to find out how!

China’s largest mobile operator achieves automation through Laiye: A case study

November 15 2020

Early bird gets the worm. China Mobile, largest mobile operator in China, cleverly spotted RPA as a promising tool early on and quickly turned to Laiye for help in achieving automation before their competitors. Read more about their experience with us below!

Laiye Chosen as Finalist at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020

November 04 2020

We are delighted to announce Laiye has been selected as a finalist in Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020, one of the most anticipated financial technology events in Asia held on 2nd to 6th November 2020.

Laiye and Microsoft Partner to Accelerate Business Automation Across China

November 01 2020

Laiye is thrilled to partner with Microsoft to provide advanced technology and business solutions to clients worldwide, empowering them to fully harness the benefits of our alliance!