China’s Leading Pharmaceutical Company Reduces Data Entry Time 90% With Laiye

November 25 2020

Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, a top Chinese enterprise and ranked #101 on the Fortune China 500 list, achieved a remarkable 90% reduction in data entry time which they attribute to Laiye UiBot.  Always on the lookout for innovative approaches to help them thrive in the competitive business environment, Laiye’s Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) was precisely what Jointown needed to achieve such dramatic time savings.


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Fixed Asset Entry – 30 Branches, 10,000 Invoices

With the company’s impressive expansion, the growth in day-to-day tasks --- painfully repetitive and burdensome --- also exploded and employee morale suffered as they tried to cope with a mountain of cross-system copying, comparison, and entering data into the accounting systems with the need for a high degree of accuracy.

A solution was needed.  And a solution was exactly what Jointown found in Laiye UiBot:


All the employees had to do was simply capture a photo of an invoice and let Laiye UiBot complete all the necessary rules-based business processes.




Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Laiye UiBot swiftly scanned the invoice, logged into the company system, and entered the data automatically.  And, with virtually no errors. What used to take 10 minutes now took only 1 minute! This was welcome news for the employees who were now free to go on to do other more rewarding tasks, and also for the company which reduced its data entry time by 90% and repurposed thousands of work hours!

After assessing the success of the initial test, Jointown quickly moved to exploit Laiye’s powerful capabilities in other departments.


Quality Control Department – 90 Hours a Month Now Takes Just 10 To Verify Pharmacists

The critical, but laborious task of verifying licensed pharmacists required a minimum of 90 hours a month --- manually entering the pharmacists’ pictures, data entry, and completing the procedures required by the ERP system.  


With the help of Laiye UiBot and UiBot Mage --- specifically designed to complement RPA bots --- the time was reduced to only 10 hours. The two powerful digital solutions automatically locate the relevant images, extract the necessary information, and input the required data into the appropriate software.


Finance Department - Account Approval Or Account Opening In 1/8th The Time

Account applications needed approval while account permissions were granted according to the job responsibilities and business needs of Jointown’s employees.


The two paths (existing account or no existing account) plus an extensive series of procedural steps ---   generating an account, adding a user, entering basic information, assigning relevant permissions, reviewing approval requests, checking phone numbers, and assigning the relevant permissions ---- required a minimum of two hours for each approval request. However, Laiye UiBot was able to dramatically simplify the entire process by automatically extracting all required information and assigning the relevant permissions. In addition, a detailed report was generated and distributed via email. This only took the bot 15 minutes each time, increasing the efficiency by 8 times!


We can finally wave goodbye to the trivial, repetitive, and error-prone processes by deploying Laiye UiBot RPA solutions. No longer do you have to waste valuable time on routine tasks. After all, we are now in a digital era with technology radically upgrading our way of work. RPA is the future. And the future is already here.


Contact us to discover how much time Laiye could be saving your company.  And explore the ways your firm could repurpose this time to increase sales and become more profitable.


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