China Mobile
How China’s largest mobile operator achieves automation with Laiye
Background Overview
China Mobile is the leading telecommunications services provider in mainland China Its business consists of mobile voice and data, wireline broadband, and other information and communications services.
As of 31 December 2020, the company had 454,332 employees, 942 million mobile customers, and 210 million wireline broadband customers, with total annual revenue of RMB768.1 billion. In 2020, the company was ranked on the Fortune Global 500 and Forbes’ Global 2000 lists for the world's largest and most valuable companies.
Early on, China Mobile grasped the potential for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to vastly enhance its delivery of services. The company moved quickly to capitalize on the technology before its competitors and selected Laiye to implement RPA in various business sectors.
China Mobile identified a number of critical processes in their Customer Service department that could be improved significantly from automation, delivering benefits to customers and employees.

Data Entry And Managing Customer Queries Was Tedious and Exhausting
Prior to the deployment of RPA, China Mobile’s front-end staff had to execute data-entry steps manually.

The time-consuming and cumbersome process involved launching the program that dealt with client information before they could enter the appropriate log-in credentials to gain system access. Staff would then have to browse through the appropriate menu and sort through the mountains of data in order of priority.

Following that, they needed to examine each customer query individually and sift through massive amounts of data to find the relevant material. Each and every duty had to be managed on an individual basis, which was obviously an exhausting task.
Laiye RPA simplified the tedious processes, making everything run faster, more efficiently and error-free.

Following the deployment of RPA, China Mobile staff simply have to enter the business processing system, check the status of the customer's query, and identify whether any changes need to be made before proceeding accordingly. Finally, the staff just needs to send a quick notification email to the customer and record all the details.

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