Jointown Pharmaceutical Group
How China’s leading pharmaceutical company improved efficiency
Background Overview
Jointown Pharmaceutical Group is the largest non-state-owned pharmaceutical distribution company in China. Headquartered in Wuhan, the firm engages in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products, traditional Chinese medicine, and medical equipment. It also operates pharmaceutical logistics centers, e-commerce, and retail chains.

To target Jointown’s inefficiencies, Laiye recommended its products — Laiye RPA and Laiye Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) as the ideal solutions.
Employees simply had to take a photo of the invoice and let Laiye RPA complete all the necessary rules-based business processes.

Through optical character recognition (OCR), Laiye RPA would swiftly scan the invoice, log it into the company system, and enter the data automatically – with virtually no errors.

What used to take 10 minutes only takes one minute now.

Using Laiye’s Intelligent Automation products, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group’s employees could now move on to other more rewarding tasks. The company also reduced its data entry time by 90%, which allowed them to use the thousands of work hours saved more productively.

After assessing the success of the initial test, Jointown quickly deployed Laiye’s powerful capabilities in other departments.
With the help of Laiye’s products Laiye RPA and Laiye IDP, the time taken to verify licensed pharmacists was cut from 90 hours to only 10 hours.
The two powerful intelligent automation solutions automatically locate the relevant images, extract the necessary information, and input the required data into the appropriate software.
For account applications in the finance department, Laiye RPA dramatically simplified the entire process by automatically extracting all required information and assigning the relevant permissions. It also generated a detailed report which it distributed via email. All this only took the bot 15 minutes each time, instead of the 2 hours previously, improving efficiency eight-fold.

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