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How China’s leading real-estate platform saved over 15,000 hours per month with Laiye
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Background Overview
KE Holdings is the leading integrated online and offline platform for housing transactions and services in China. They are committed to promoting the digitalization and intellectualization of the housing service industry, providing high-quality and high-efficiency housing services for over 300 million Chinese families. This includes existing and new home sales, home rentals, to home renovation, real estate financial solutions, and other services.
Since RPA deployment in August 2020, the team has deployed over 34 bots to process more than 200 scenarios. Since 2021, we have rapidly expanded deployment to carry out more than 1,000 processes independently, helping our company save more than 15,000 hours every month.
Head of the RPA Special Operation Team
Ke Holdings
Head of the RPA Special Operation Team, Ke Holdings
To accelerate data transmission and process smoothness, as well as reduce employee stress caused by repetitive work, KE Holdings SSC (Shared Service Center) deployed Laiye RPA in mid-2020, and established a special RPA operation team to develop and collect process requirements independently.

The RPA operation team consists of over 13 members who are business personnel without technical backgrounds. 80% of the team members have passed Laiye’s RPA Engineer Certification (Intermediate) within 1 to 2 months. As these team members have an understanding of both RPA technology and KE Holdings’ business processes, they are able to deploy RPA quickly and effectively. On average, each member can complete the deployment of 1-2 processes per week.
There are now RPA software bots in our offices across the country, and since we have helped various business departments develop RPA bots, our team has also received several internal recognitions and “thank you letters” from our colleagues.
Head of RPA Special Operation Team,
Ke Holdings
Head of RPA Special Operation Team, Ke Holdings
Personnel Updates Are 30 Times More Efficient
KE Holdings has cooperated with over 100,000 brokers, and behind this massive scale of personnel is a considerable amount of data. Before RPA deployment, staff would have to update the information of these brokers every day, which is highly repetitive and cumbersome. Although each operation only takes 30 seconds when done manually, the total monthly operation volume is about 30,000. After RPA deployment, each process only takes one second now. This makes it 30 times more efficient than before, ultimately reducing staff workloads.
Data Extraction Now Saves Them 58 Hours Per Week
Additionally, in KE Holdings SSC (Shared Service Center), incumbents' data needs to be organized and updated for transfer, entry, and exit. Before RPA deployment, staff must export the active staff roster from the HR system every day, before cleaning and calculating the data according to specific rules and generating analysis reports. However, after RPA deployment, the bots are able to update and process the data of 5,000 to 6,000 staff in real time, saving them 58 hours per week.

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