Trusted data services for ease of use and data reliability

· No-code data modeling method. Simple and fast custom structure of library tables.

· Multiple data sources. Supports text, number, date/time, file and other data types.

· Enterprise-level disaster tolerance mechanism. Supports dynamic expansion of storage resources.

· RBAC model. Safe and flexible permission control.

· Field-level operation records. Track data detail in all aspects.

Seamlessly connected with automated processes to share data among multiple processes

· Easily connect to data services in RPA Creator.

· Two-way flow of structured and unstructured data. Simple and convenient design process.

· Data collection and data sharing in multiple processes. More efficient collaboration.

A great number of data analysis methods are available to help enterprises understand business details

· Provide a server-side Open API to facilitate the interconnection between data services and your business systems.

· Possess the ability to query and modify data online. Achieve "what you see is what you get" of data.

· Real-time data warehouse. Query can be done in seconds.