Laiye Ranks As Having The Highest Number of RPA Patent Applications In The World

April 26 2021

Did you know today is World Intellectual Property Day? And on this topic, did you know that we have the highest number of RPA related patent applications in the world? Read more here.

How CIFI Group Boosted Productivity with Laiye

April 07 2021

Much time was wasted in individually logging into multiple banks for data comparison, so CIFI Group turned to Laiye RPA for help. In this unique case study, learn how Laiye overcame challenges raised by banking security measures to achieve end-to-end automation and boost productivity levels.

Why Mortgage Lenders Are Automating This Spring

March 31 2021

With the pandemic still widespread, how will the spring home-buying season look this year and what role will intelligent automation play for mortgage lenders and financial service providers? Read here to find out.

How Low-Code Automation Accelerates Business Success

March 24 2021

Low-Code automation tools have recently claimed the spotlight by proving their business value in the COVID-19 climate — and showing us that they truly are the future of work. Read more here to learn how they drive innovation and accelerate business success:

Forrester: The State Of Robotic Process Automation Maturity In Asia Pacific

March 15 2021

Forrester recently identified Asia's RPA market to be quite unique compared to Europe and North America. Why exactly and what are its peculiarities? We summarize Forrester's analysis to answer these questions. Read here:

Why BPOs Are Turning To RPA Amid COVID19

March 10 2021

Why is that an increasing number of BPOs are setting their sights on RPA during COVID-19? The short answer is productivity boost. The long answer is in this article.

Cobotics: A New Type of Workplace Relationship

February 18 2021

The robotic revolution has delivered us a new type of relationship: Cobotics. What is it and how does it work? Read below to find out.

How AI is redefining RPA

February 03 2021

We’ve all heard that RPA and AI are two powerful technologies that can be combined to bring about phenomenal results. But what exactly does AI add to RPA and why is it that they are better together than alone? Read below to find out.

A guide to choosing the right RPA vendor

January 29 2021

With thousands of RPA vendors out there, choosing the right one could be tricky. Luckily, we've drafted a helpful guide on what to look for when deciding which RPA solution to implement in your organisation. Read below!