Intelligent Automation: How CFOs Can Drive Transformation and Stay Competitive

August 03 2022

Like remote working and virtual conferences, the pandemic has accelerated a shift in attitudes towards the finance function. When the crisis hit, CFOs and their finance teams had to leap into action to deal with urgent, fast-evolving challenges such as delayed client payments, cash flow emergencies and global supply chain issues.

How Computer Giant Lenovo Reaped Great Efficiencies with Laiye

August 01 2022

To eliminate these repetitive and manual processes and boost accuracy and efficiency, Lenovo looked to Laiye’s Intelligent Automation solutions to automate these tasks.

How Intelligent Automation Helps Businesses Beat Rising Costs

July 01 2022

This article will examine how Intelligent Automation works to lower business costs and enables companies to counter economic headwinds in a simple yet robust manner.

4 Automation Trends Shaping The Future — Key Takeaways From The Laiye Annual Summit

June 30 2022

In this article, we identify four automation trends shaping the future that emerged from our Annual Summit.

How An All-In-One Intelligent Automation Platform Accelerates Digital Transformation

June 08 2022

This article looks at how Laiye’s integrated approach to Intelligent Automation achieves a more significant impact on businesses than legacy RPA technology and other fragmented solutions.

What Is A Frictionless Enterprise, and What Does It Mean For Businesses?

June 01 2022

To succeed in today’s fast-moving and increasingly disrupted digital landscape, companies of all sizes need to streamline processes and scale tasks as efficiently as possible to maintain a competitive edge. They need to integrate and optimize multiple processes within a single infrastructure. If they get it right from end to end, they become a Frictionless Enterprise.

Ramping Up Global Growth Amidst Fast-Changing Automation Trends

May 10 2022

As digital transformation sweeps through the world’s enterprises, Laiye has set about solving some of the toughest digital transformation challenges related to RPA and AI so the world’s fastest-growing businesses can operate more smoothly and efficiently, freeing up their staff for more value-additive work.

Fair and Square: AI Ethics in a Nutshell and How It Impacts Your Business

April 29 2022

To address the ethical issues that can arise from non-human data analysis and decision-making, an increasing number of businesses are focusing on how to prevent AI from making potentially damaging conclusions.

3 Key Benefits of AI-powered Chatbots to Optimize Your Customer Experience Strategy

April 26 2022

AI-powered chatbots can play a significant role in the digital transformation of companies of all sizes. With economic activity bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels, this technology also helps businesses reduce operating costs and provides a competitive edge as they seek to scale. This article highlights three key ways AI-powered chatbots can transform your customer experience.