Ramping Up Global Growth Amidst Fast-Changing Automation Trends

May 10 2022

As digital transformation sweeps through the world’s enterprises, Laiye has set about solving some of the toughest digital transformation challenges related to RPA and AI so the world’s fastest-growing businesses can operate more smoothly and efficiently, freeing up their staff for more value-additive work.

Fair and Square: AI Ethics in a Nutshell and How It Impacts Your Business

April 29 2022

To address the ethical issues that can arise from non-human data analysis and decision-making, an increasing number of businesses are focusing on how to prevent AI from making potentially damaging conclusions.

3 Key Benefits of AI-powered Chatbots to Optimize Your Customer Experience Strategy

April 26 2022

AI-powered chatbots can play a significant role in the digital transformation of companies of all sizes. With economic activity bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels, this technology also helps businesses reduce operating costs and provides a competitive edge as they seek to scale. This article highlights three key ways AI-powered chatbots can transform your customer experience.

Buying Into the Future: How Intelligent Automation Will Transform Retail

March 29 2022

While back-office operations are behind-the-scenes, they are essential to successful business performance as they allow the front office to operate at higher efficiency, and are a critical part of the customer experience. Therefore, many businesses recognize the need to improve their systems and do more to keep up with customer demands and the changing retail landscape.

Laiye Targets Retail Sector in Intelligent Automation Drive

March 23 2022

By effectively deploying artificial intelligence-driven tools and technology, retail businesses can automate mundane and manual tasks, saving thousands of hours, and allowing the retailers to focus on what really matters – the customer – all the while actually improving customer service with Intelligent Automation technology which evolves by self-learning.

Are Rules the Tools to Make AI a Force for Good?

March 23 2022

The global pandemic has spurred accelerated digital transformation across all sectors. News of lawsuits over data protection and privacy, and the blistering pace at which Big Tech firms are acquiring other companies to consolidate their power, have ensured this remains a hot topic. In this article, Gary Saw, Laiye APAC General Manager, discusses how technology can be regulated to serve the broader social good, solutions to mitigate the pitfalls of skyrocketing growth, and the challenges ahead.

Top 5 Trends in Intelligent Automation 2022

March 15 2022

Businesses are racing to drive Return on Investment (ROI) as they bounce back post-pandemic and most are leading these efforts through effective digital transformation. This paves the way for a year of Intelligent Automation (IA), but what trends will we see?

Global Intelligent Automation specialist Laiye announces EMEA expansion plans

March 08 2022

Laiye pledges to create over 200 high skilled jobs in the AI-industry, bringing its Intelligent Automation Platform to empower UK Chinese businesses operating across EMEA seeking to expand.

Laiye Shines a Light on Women in Tech

March 08 2022

As part of our celebrations around International Women’s Day, we wanted to shine a light on several inspirational leaders within Laiye and discuss their thoughts on industry challenges and the importance of women in the technology sector.