The new standard for Intelligent Automation

One, singular, integrated engine empowered by multiple products. It improves and enhances work execution.

Satisfies your life-cycle needs of intelligent automation journey at one station

Laiye Platform harnesses the power of automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics to streamline workflows and accelerate your digital transformation journey. It empowers your organizations to move forward with agility, fueled by more intelligent decision-making.

The Platform covers a wide range of components you'll need in the journey, including Discovery, Building, Execution, Management and Collaboration. We partner with you on this journey with our own unified intelligent automation platform, enabling a hybrid-workforce of human and digital workers.

Our solutions are simple, quick, and flexible. You can piece together a solution with multiple components from our platform, leveraging them to fulfill your work.


Automatically build an objective description of target process with the help of process recorder. You can share and manage all automation pipelines in one place and focus on those processes with higher ROI.


Build end-to-end process automation with low-code tools in several days. Introduce a reliable digital worker who can read, write, and even "think" to help your people get rid of tedious work and focus on more meaningful and creative work.


Get robots to work alongside you and your organization. Excuting tasks efficiently, tirelessly and silently with all action recorded and auditable.


Manage and control the robots in your organization to guarantee governance, security, measurement and analysis.


Cultivate the unique capability of human worker and digital worker to achieve higher success and help robots to learn continuously.

Laiye Platform helps you to gain a fast win in Intelligent Automation

Land intelligent automation in several months

Get in touch with leading capabilities of RPA, AI and data processing with simple drag and drop. Scale automation into more complex use cases faster.

Non intrusive automation & connection

Connect systems and automate processes in your organization and build a workflow layer which is effective and friendly for business users without changing existing systems.

Robust governance & security

Support industry standard Roles-Based Access Control (RBAC) and realtime monitoring for seamless administration.

Flexible deployment

We offer highly flexible deployment options across the product suite including Cloud/SaaS, Private Cloud and On-premise.

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