Work has changed.

And frankly, it was overdue.

There have been longstanding misalignments between what work is, and what both employees and employers want and need it to be.  We’ve sensed that we and work can be better, but haven’t been enabled to change.

With major advances of artificial intelligence and many digital tools, we now stand at an exciting and key juncture.

We need to seize this unique moment of disruption and mindfully redefine what we want “work” to be.

  • It must involve individual workers with the right knowledge and tools to take greater control over their jobs, and automate mundane, repetitive tasks.  

  • It is not only about employees improving their experience, but also deriving new efficiencies and productivity for the organization.

  • It is for employers and organizations to understand the opportunity for human – digital worker collaboration.  This is not a conflict but rather a virtuous cycle of continuous learning and improving to unleash true capabilities and values.  

We envision a world of work that will look very different 10 years from now.  We anticipate a work renaissance where the longstanding slump in global labour productivity will be reversed.

So, as we mark this date of 1.11.22, we, Laiye, predict that by 1.11.32:

  • Having a personal digital assistant with natural language interface will be as common as having your own computer.

  • Employees will spend the majority of time on higher-value contributions such as person-to-person interaction, creative design and strategic decisioning.

  • Fortune 100 companies will all have a balanced, synergistic human and digital workforce.

  • There will be a massive, open marketplace with over 1 million digital worker apps being exchanged continuously and 40% or more of these apps will be created by female developers.

Taking the above in its entirety, it is obvious that this is an entirely new sector of the economy. Why do we have such confidence in making these predictions?  It’s because the Laiye team knows that the best way to predict the future, is to build it.

Are you ready to join us on this journey?  This new category of the Work Execution System is much bigger than just us, or any single company.  It is an ecosystem, with a core ideal at its heart, that we can Make Work Better.

Join us. Let’s be the change.
Let’s Do Better. Let’s Be Better.

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