Start the recording process with just one mouse click. Easy to use

· In addition to keystrokes and mouse movements, interface elements are also recorded.

· As compatible as RPA Creator, supporting IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers, etc.

· Support interface elements in client programs developed with C ++, C #, VB, Delphi, and Java Low resource usage. The recording process has almost no impact on user operation.

After recording, you can still edit the step information, highlight key points and conceal your private information

· Delete irrelevant operation records to focus on important information.

· Blur your sensitive information in the screenshot to protect your privacy.

· Add descriptions to operation records for easy understanding.

Export and share process definition documents for collaboration

· Automatically generate process definition documents (PDDs) in standard format.

· Automatically generate process analysis reports to evaluate automation possibilities.

· Automatically generate usable RPA processes.

Process Recorder is a client software that needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer. If you need to record your operations in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, make sure you have installed browser extensions. Note that browser extensions for RPA Creator or RPA Worker can also be used in Process Recorder.