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Lenovo is a multinational tech giant headquartered in China. Operating in 60 countries, with products in over 180 countries and serving over one billion consumers globally, Lenovo specializes in designing, manufacturing, and marketing various tech products from consumer electronics to computers, software, and more. 

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Lenovo’s information technology (IT) department is responsible for maintaining and updating the data and information of all the employees in the company. One of the tasks that Lenovo’s IT Command Center handles is managing approximately 60,000 accounts of over 40,000 workers, which further requires the interaction of more than 100 downstream application systems. 

While some account operation and maintenance processes had been automated, the IT team still had to manually update employee titles and responsibilities as it involved special information changes. For this manual process, the IT staff had to get the new information via email before manually changing it on the backend. This process was highly inefficient and subject to human errors. 

To eliminate these repetitive and manual processes and boost accuracy and efficiency, Lenovo looked to Laiye’s Intelligent Automation solutions to automate these tasks. 


Laiye recommended our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to automate these processes — Laiye RPA.

With Laiye RPA, the account updates can now be done entirely unattended and 24/7. It can also update the relevant employees upon completing the tasks, keeping humans in the loop. 

Laiye RPA can now do the information transfer processes that Lenovo could not automate previously. The bot can carry out the associated information transfer procedure based on the account numbers and information provided by HR.

Additionally, the bot can provide informational statistics to the team, conduct daily checks on the AD accounts (Active Directory, Domain Account), and automatically record documents related to the daily creation of order numbers. On top of that, Laiye RPA can also help with the analysis, creation, and disablement of the accounts’ SLA (Service-Level Agreements) and generate reports.

At Laiye, we are committed to helping businesses achieve their business results. Besides deploying the bots for Lenovo, we also guided and taught Lenovo’s team how to develop the bots to have a greater level of control in adapting and executing automation to changing workflows and processes. As Laiye’s Intelligent Automation products come with AI embedded and are intuitive and user-friendly, users do not need to have any data science skills. 


With the help of Laiye, Lenovo achieved significant efficiencies, growth, and employee satisfaction. With the training and deployment services provided, Lenovo can realize autonomous RPA process development, operation, and maintenance. Staff previously required to do the manual updates and processes can now work on more strategic tasks. With mundane processes covered by the bots, the employees are less burdened, happier, and more productive. 

With the success of this project, Lenovo decided to extend Laiye RPA deployment to other departments to achieve more effective organizational streamlining. The Order Fulfillment team was the next to benefit from Laiye’s automation solutions. 

With the implementation of Laiye RPA, the Order Fulfillment team can now achieve efficiencies in: 

  1. Delivering daily reports to the sales team in Japan. This allows both the sales team and customers to get timely updates on the order statuses. The sales team can now schedule shipments promptly. As a result of this automation, Lenovo’s sales employees can work better and faster, and customers receive better services.
  2. Processing returns. This allows for swifter returns processing as the logistics team can schedule pickups more quickly based on the automated Return Orders generated by the bot. As a result of this automation, Lenovo meets customers’ return requests more promptly, improving customer satisfaction.
  3. Uploading of customer invoices. This streamlines the invoicing process as customers can receive invoices promptly and make payments. As a result of this automation, Lenovo’s business teams save a significant amount of labor, working hours, and costs. 

Want to know more?

Our success story with Lenovo shows how implementing Intelligent Automation solutions can help to increase productivity at scale in technology businesses. Besides automating manual and repetitive tasks in Lenovo’s IT Command Center, companies can extend Laiye’s Intelligent Automation solutions to other departments to realize organization-wide growth and employee satisfaction. 

To find out more about our solutions, contact our friendly team to discover how much time and effort Laiye can save your company. Also, explore how your firm can use the freed-up time to increase sales and improve profitability by reading more inspiring success stories.

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