How Enterprises can Effectively Deploy RPA to Official Applications


Regardless of the industry, your business most likely uses various computer applications daily. These often include a browser, a word processor, a digital spreadsheet, an image previewer, a PDF reader, and other applications. Most back-office and front-office tasks handled by accounting, HR, inventory, operations, sales, marketing, and other departments require frequent navigation among these applications. Tasks such as downloading and uploading files or manual data entry are already tedious and repetitive; having to switch between multiple applications makes them even more confusing, time-consuming, and inefficient to already overwhelmed workers. 




Thus, businesses are looking for ways to improve efficiency and accuracy at lower costs, which in turn frees up their workers so that they can engage in more value-adding work. This is especially true due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, as businesses struggle to increase the productivity of employees working from home. As a result, RPA (robotic process automation), software that can emulate human operations on a PC, is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Here at Laiye, we offer Laiye UiBot, an RPA product that is compatible with many official application tools, efficiently and accurately automating your business's workflows.


Have you had to navigate multiple applications at once?

Businesses have to handle a lot of structured and unstructured information every day. Each step along the way may necessitate a different computer program, resulting in inefficiency, inaccuracy, and employee frustration. For example,

  1. Accessing the information source. A lot of information comes from an email, the company's internal system, an online database, or a paper-based document. Obtaining this information involves the tedious tasks of opening a new browser window, typing in a URL, and inputting login credentials. In the case of paper documents, scanning is an extra step.
  2. Locating the information. After entering an email or online account, employees must open specific emails, tabs, or windows to obtain the target information. Doing so could mean tediously scrolling through a crowded inbox or querying each keyword individually before finally downloading the files.
  3. Saving and organizing information. Employees must download, save, and organize information, meaning they must manually create folders and rename files one by one.
  4. Extracting and processing information. Employees must open files and read the content manually. They then have to parse and process information before saving it into another document, which may require many applications.
  5. Sending information. After processing is complete, employees must manually enter recipients and send notifications to the relevant personnel.


Many processes involve at least some of the steps listed above, if not more. Workers in all departments are burdened by repetitive labor, and businesses have to allocate talented individuals to complete these tasks, which is a waste of their potential and results in higher costs. 


How can Laiye UiBot help?

Laiye UiBot, an RPA product that can work 24/7, all year round with near-perfect accuracy, can help businesses tackle these mundane tasks and improve efficiency and accuracy with lower costs. Compatible with computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, Laiye UiBot is very versatile and can help automate almost any repetitive task that involves multiple applications. The software works well with office tools, browsers, emails, and SAP, making it a perfect tool for businesses of any industry. Moreover, Laiye UiBot is not restricted by the source of information. Laiye’s OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities allow it to scan and extract information from paper documents, and its ability to process unstructured information makes data extraction from PNG, JPEG, and other file formats quick and easy.



Laiye UiBot's interface is user friendly: anyone, even those without programming knowledge, can use it to simulate human operations on various applications. Supporting over 400+ preset commands which are already categorized for different applications like Word or Excel, Laiye UiBot allows users to drag and drop processes from a comprehensive menu to automate entire workflows. 


Use cases


Consider a healthcare provider that needs to provide custom nutrition tables for their patients. This process would entail logging into the hospital's patient directory via browser, searching the patient, downloading the patient's data, saving and organizing these files, extracting the data to customize a nutrient spreadsheet in Excel, and then sending this information to the appropriate recipient. Manually, this process would be repetitive and a waste of the healthcare provider's time. Using Laiye UiBot Creator, users can drag and drop commands, such as opening a browser window and inputting information into Excel, into a flowchart. The bots can execute this process at more than 3x the speed of a human being.


Another scenario could be a manufacturing firm that must carry out data migration from its old system. Manually, a lot of errors could occur since switching back and forth between systems can lead to double counting or missed information. With Laiye UiBot, however, robots can swiftly and correctly transfer data into a new system, allowing for a very smooth transition.


These cases are only two of the endless possibilities Laiye UiBot provides across different departments and different industries.


Begin your journey today

In just one or two hours with the help of our professional team, your business can begin automating tasks that occur over many applications. Laiye UiBot is an accurate, efficient solution to any business's needs.


About Laiye

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