How RPA Could Save Lives During the Coronavirus Pandemic


It was December 2019 that the world faced a new phenomenon, COVID-19. The most important challenge all over the world is the same, lack of sufficient human resources in clinics and hospitals. There are serious gaps in response to the COVID-19 outbreak even in highly developed economies and healthcare systems all caused by a lack of automation in healthcare centers. 


Digitization of patient records used to help the personnel to keep a record of each patient for future references. However, the lack of trained forces for patient admission and scheduling appointments resulted in very long waiting time. Although, due to the data compliance regulations no one could be admitted without providing the necessary materials. Consequently, clinical staff needs to reduce patient care time for a growing EMR data entry and update tasks.

In the end, billing the patients and processing the claims dragged the staffs' feet and increases the operational costs, and wastes the resources and time by repetitive manual labor. In addition, patients having a poor experience of the healthcare center leads to a momentous issue that is healthcare centers losing their loyal customers.

Eventually, the problems mentioned resulted in patients standing in queues for a very long time and many getting infected during the time they were waiting. In addition, many people in need of urgent medical care avoided going to hospitals as they had the fear of getting infected in the crowded environment there. In this blog, we are going to explain a few scenarios that Laiye UiBot RPA solution could let the staff free from the paperwork and engage in saving more lives.


Boost up the COVID-19 Testing

To boost up the testing and reduce the waiting time, hospitals could use attended bots to take patients' data, compare it with the hospital EMR records, record the COVID-19 test results, and send them to health data centers. This can reduce the COVID-19 waiting time by over 90%.

Speed up Patient Diagnosis for COVID-19

Hospitals could use an online survey to do the initial diagnosis for the patients, which is then entered into health data centers. Automate of this process could free up data entry specialists and considerably reduce diagnosis time.

Track the Latest Updates

Unattended bots can scan multiple data sources online and compose the localized data into a daily report. They can localize the latest number of new COVID-19 cases in the vicinity and email them to users. They can also provide guidance on getting tested and other helpful resources.

Rapid Patient Registration

Unattended bots can check the enrolment status of patients in the health data centers and register new patients. They can also schedule the patient's appointment based on the received information.

Inventory Management

Bots can handle the high-volume of bulk orders, for example, hand sanitizers, clinical supplies, etc. to avoid the stock-outs or delays in vital supplies.

Billing Patients & Processing Claims

Bots can automate the processes related to billing and claim processing in the following order: registering the new patient, ensuring the insurance eligibility and verifying it, entering the new charges, and finally submission of the claims. This could save a lot of resources and time wasted on manual labor and reduce the cost to a great extent.

RPA in Action

During the pandemic, Laiye same as other companies tried its best to contribute to the healthcare system which is a clear example of RPA in action. During the COVID-19 outbreak, local communities in Beijing used a chatbot and Laiye UiBot RPA to build a conversational interface, collecting information on the health of residents via phone calls.The solution can call 500 numbers simultaneously and summarize data in spreadsheets; it needs just 10 minutes to complete the work that would take a human team 3 hours. This is a practical use case of Laiye UiBot RPA solution which was praised in a recent report published by Forrester.

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