How RPA is Reshaping Call Centers


Call center employees have impressive multitasking abilities, often performing a wide array of tasks while simultaneously communicating with the customer at the other end in a composed, relaxed manner. However, regardless of employees' skills, customer needs continue to rise in this increasingly technological world as more and more callers expect a speedy yet personalized service. While this combination may seem somewhat paradoxical and even impossible, RPA has proven otherwise. This is just one of the reasons why a large number of contact centers are readily implementing robotic process automation (RPA) to boost customer satisfaction by offering a specialized, unique service that cannot be provided by traditional organizations. RPA offers invaluable benefits to call centers by enabling them to tackle the tough challenges and tasks revolving around efficiency, personalization, and service.

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Cost savings


One major benefit of an RPA-equipped contact center is that employee productivity is substantially boosted through working alongside RPA bots. The RPA bot can deal with repetitive customer queries which may include a request to change contact details, whereas the customer may be directed to a human agent for more complex issues. This results in higher efficiency whereby employees can do more meaningful work without sacrificing customer satisfaction.


Data management


It's well known that contact centers are overloaded with heaps of data which is regularly modified and updated. With RPA, such data no longer has to be amended through human employees as it can be updated automatically. This reduces the likelihood of errors as a robot can work tirelessly while being fully alert. An RPA bot can extract, analyze and cross-reference data across a range of sources, enabling the employee to spend their valuable time dealing with the customer as opposed to navigating through the system to manually locate certain data.


Summary report generation


RPA robots can collect and analyze data from phone calls and consequently generate a report. This means employees can intently listen to customer requests rather than being occupied with entering data into the system, which causes them to miss certain information from the caller. What's more is that automatic summary report generation substantially reduces average handling time and, as a result, enables employees to take more calls and pay attention to customers. This improves employee productivity along with customer satisfaction.


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