Putting legacy RPA to rest

November 17 2021

By Laiye’s General Manager EMEA Neil Parker


The benefits of automating mundane admin tasks are clear - to increase and diversify revenue, increase employee productivity and optimize legacy technology. But current RPA solutions are not delivering on those promises. These legacy RPA tools are great at automating simple siloed tasks, and yet fail to do so intelligently and at scale.


Why intelligence matters


Artificial Intelligence (AI) was seen as the panacea for turning simple task-based automation into Intelligent Automation, and to a degree, it did. It gave automated processes the intelligence to grow and learn, such as identifying trends and insights around changing customer behaviour, and predicting future stock supply needs.


As such, we’ve seen the big RPA players invest in smaller startups and companies developing AI products and services. However, buying AI is not the same as having AI at your core - something that makes Laiye stand out from the crowd as a leader of the next generation of Intelligent Automation.


The next frontier


While AI advanced RPA’s capabilities, without having AI built in from the start, these solutions are hard to integrate with different systems and therefore scale. Truly Intelligent Automation mimics human intelligence, combining the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR), chatbots and RPA. Combining these technologies, our products and solutions automate complex decision making based on standard business processes and over time improves the decisions as it learns about the business.


We’ve proved the efficacy of our Intelligent Automation products and solutions in Asia, with one in five Global Fortune 500 companies already among our client list. Now we’re ready to help transform European businesses at scale, starting with an investment of $50M in the EMEA region. We’re so confident in our technology that unlike legacy RPA providers who fail to deliver high-impact solutions, we guarantee business results.



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