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Use cases ready to work for your Logistics operations

Leverage our library of use cases for the retail industry to quickly start automating processes that are slowing you down and losing your customers.

Sales Accounting Processing Use case Icon

Sales Accounting Processing

Learn how bots can help you automate and reduce time spent on various accounting processes.

Invoice Processing Use case Icon

Invoice Processing

Learn how bots can help to automate your invoice processes and claims management.

Customer Support Use case Icon

Customer Support

Learn how chatbots and conversational AI can help to service and provide support to your customers.

Transportation Management Use case Icon

Transportation Management

Discover how bots can help you integrate data from multiple sources and automate follow-ups.

Order Processing  Use case Icon

Order Processing

Discover how bots can help to automate various order processes such as processing payments, sending email confirmations, placing orders.

Inventory Monitoring Use case Icon

Inventory Monitoring

Discover how bots can help you monitor inventory in real-time and optimize inventory levels.

Shipment Tracking Use case Icon

Shipment Tracking

Discover how bots can help you extract, record, input and update shipping information automatically.

Data Query and Analysis Use case Icon

Data Query and Analysis

Discover how bots can help to scan and capture data automatically, simplifying data analysis.

Expo Freight Limited
+ Laiye

How Expo Freight Limited used Intelligent Automation to optimize business processes

Expo Freight Limited, a leading international freight forwarder and third-party logistics company, deployed intelligent automation solutions to automate the rule-based and repetitive tasks in its distribution centers and ports.

Expo Freight Limited Logo
The result
Expo Freight Limited streamlined its whole logistics process and saw a significant improvement in operational efficiency and productivity, enhanced customer experiences, and a boost in employee satisfaction.

Success guaranteed, or your money back

Laiye is the first Intelligent Automation platform to offer a risk-free incentive to retailers looking to successfully implement automation and digital transformation in their business.

We work with you to determine what results you want to achieve and will refund 100% of the value of the software license fees if your business goals are not achieved within an agreed time frame.

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