Wyeth Nutrition
How the global pioneer in infant nutrition created a highly personalized customer experience with Laiye
Background Overview
Wyeth Nutrition produces high-quality products that are scientifically designed for infants and young children. With over 90 years of experience, it is a global pioneer in infant nutritional science. The company is a subsidiary of Swiss multinational Nestlé.

To create personalized, real-time experiences for its customers targeted to the baby’s age to meet specific childcare needs, Wyeth Nutrition launched the “MaMa Club”, an online instant messaging and social media platform that provides parents with 24-hour infant care consultant services 365 days per year.

In addition, Wyeth Nutrition developed innovative communication channels, such as an Artificial Intelligence-powered customer service and ecommerce live broadcast.
Excessive Workload Affects Timely Responses to Customer Queries
However, with tens of millions of users, the “MaMa Club” online messaging platform received tens of thousands of questions each day, an immense workload. These questions, which human customer service representatives answered, included a pool of high-frequency queries from different parents.

These repetitive questions took up more than 30% of Wyeth Nutrition’s customer representatives’ time every month. The work’s repetitive, mundane nature translated to high business process costs in labour, employee errors, and reduced productivity.

Additionally, this manual process will result in poor average speed to answer (ASA) during peak periods, impacting the overall customer service experience.
Compliance Risks and Limitation In Domain Knowledge
Another challenge the team faced was that the mother-infant customer landscape involves many compliance issues and requires a unified and integrated language standard.

Compliance requirements involve yearly adjustments, and content needs to be reviewed by internal experts to ensure compliance.

Additionally, as the mother-infant industry is relatively specialized, Wyeth Nutrition’s newly hired employees needed to undergo at least six months of targeted training to meet industry standards and fully understand the industry before becoming customer service professionals.

To tackle these challenges, Wyeth Nutrition deployed a Laiye Chatbot solution to relieve its customer service representatives' workload and increase business efficiency.

Laiye’s Chatbot team invested about 40 days in the early stages of the launch to ensure that the system was running regularly and that operations were continuous.

Laiye’s trainers used historical data and data mining technology to train the robots to answer repetitive questions. The continuous optimization of the robot database helped improve the AI-suggested group of answers and guarantee their accuracy. Additionally, regular data analysis helped form a closed loop of robot-employee training.

Through regular analysis of statistics, the system can understand both robot and employees’ health status and attitude, thus forming a positive feedback loop and optimizing the robot’s answering ability.
Customer Service Representatives’ Workload Have Significantly Reduced
Within one year of implementation, the Laiye Chatbot has effectively supported the Wyeth Nutrition team to remove repetitive questions and processed a total of 2.48 million messages with approximately 280,000 customers.
Accurate Delivery Of Responses In Real Time
Laiye Chatbot’s high answer recall rate of 85% and recall accuracy rate of 90% has enabled fast, precise delivery of responses in real time.
Faster Average Response Time From 5.5 To 3.5 Minutes And A 30% Increase In Daily Workflow Efficiency
Laiye’s Chatbot has vastly reduced response time and improved customer service efficiency. The average number of rounds of conversations has also been reduced from 11 to seven or eight rounds.

“The human-machine collaboration between the Laiye Chatbot and Wyeth Nutrition customer service representatives provides a better experience for customers, saves a large amount of human energy and financial resources, and increases consulting efficiency.

Following the one-year collaboration between Wyeth Nutrition and Laiye, we have extended the contract for a second phase. We look forward to continuing to empower Wyeth Nutrition through the "Chatbot + Task Robot" collaborative project in the future.”

Head Of CRM and Operations, Wyeth, Greater China

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