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Lenovo IT Command Center automate the processing through the intelligent automation solution of Laiye

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HR Account Management

The information technology (IT) department of Lenovo is responsible for collecting and implementing various information requirements of the whole group. For example, one of the IT Command Center team's tasks is to handle the accounts of over 40,000 workers and over 60,000 accounts, which require the interaction of more than 100 downstream application systems.

Although the account operation and maintenance processes, such as employee entry and exit, had been highly automated, changes involving employee titles or responsibilities could not be delivered through the automatic process. This was because they were associated with some special information changes in the account. The information had to be provided by email, and the IT Command Center team would complete the change manually.

To complete those tasks more accurately and efficiently while minimizing the negative impact of repetition of effort, the Lenovo IT Command Center chose to automate the processing through the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution of intelligent automation provider Laiye. Laiye RPA significantly reduced the work intensity of employees and the chance of various human errors without making any changes to the existing information systems of the enterprise.

The RPA bot could run completely unattended and send email notifications to the "owner" at the end of a task that previously required repetitive human effort, including:

  • Carrying out the account number and associated transfer procedure based on the information provided by HR about the outsourced transferee.
  • Acquiring “rehire” activation code and making information statistics.
  • Daily AD accounts (Active Directory, Domain Account) checking and disabling.
  • Automatically record documents related to the daily creation of order numbers.
  • Analyze, create, and disable the account's SLA (Service-Level Agreements) and the reports of its reasons.

Sales Order Management

"Laiye not only offers products but also teaches us how to develop the bots. In Laiye's RPA project deployment, we achieved efficiency, growth, and employee satisfaction. We have been able to better realize autonomous RPA process development and operation and maintenance through the training and customer success services provided by Laiye.”

Lenovo IT Command Center

In addition to the IT Command Center team's use of RPA bots, the RPA technology was further extended to other group functions. The Order Fulfillment business team, responsible for sales order statistics in the Japan region, was the first to request and start deployment.


The RPA software bot automatically began sending daily reports to Japanese sales. The bot automatically pulled Yamada customer orders in the ECC system to filter and match data so that customers and sales would know precisely the status of their orders and could easily schedule shipments. A single process ran automatically three times per business day, saving the business team 26.25 man/day per year.


The robot would process two different types of return requests, and a Return Order would be completed based on the return request and automatically sent back to the D365 system. The logistics team would then schedule pickups based on the Return Order information, saving the business team 63 man/day per year with this process alone.


The software robot would identify which customers needed invoice uploading based on the Report in the ECC system. It would automate the uploading process for different customer-specific invoice uploading paths and processes so that customers could receive their Invoices on time, saving 22.5 man/day per year for the Japan and Hong Kong business teams with this single process.

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