HK Week 2.0 unfolds the development of AI Agent in 2024


Following the debut of Laiye Hong Kong Week in early 2023, the start of 2024 witnessed a new-year version of HK Week. Executives of Laiye gathered in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) once again, and had in-depth exchanges with customers and partners in government and enterprise sectors. The hearty trip from January 16th to 20th, which is conducive to the digital transformation of GBA, unfolds a new map for the development of AI Agent in 2024.

Photo: Executives of Laiye (from left to right): Yichuan Hu, Co-founder and CTO, Wilson Zheng, Vice President, Terry Leung, General Manager of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO.

2023 Review: Laiye continuously contributing to the digital transformation of the Greater Bay Area

2023 was a year of pioneering and forward-thinking, throughout which Laiye continuously contributed to the digital transformation of the GBA by launching product offerings driven by Large Language Models (LLMs). Magic Hat for RPA aims to improving RPA development efficiency, maintainability and extensibility. IDP enables multi-task document automation.

Over the past year, Laiye has achieved substantial growth in the Hong Kong and Macau markets, witnessing a several-fold increase in clientele compared to 2022. Our clients span across various industries, including government, finance, manufacturing, gaming, retail, education, logistics, etc.  By providing well-functioning localized solutions and establishing a sound training mechanism for partners in Hong Kong and Macau, Laiye continues to empower partners in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and fully combines local partner resources to achieve 100% after-sales operation and maintenance support. The IDP+RPA series of products driven by LLMs have shown promising and extensive application prospects in Hong Kong and Macau markets, winning the trust and choice of many customers.

It is the combination of the pioneering LLM-driven products, full-process service support system and multi-dimensional partner network that lays a solid foundation for the success of Laiye in Hong Kong and Macau markets.

2024 Prospect: A new journey to promote AI Agent

Digital transformation of all industries is an inevitable trend in the era of Generative AI with economic, technological and management changes. Laiye is committed to building AI Agent for everyone through the digital workforce platform, to enhance productivity and creativity of everyone, and thus build a future-oriented workforce for enterprises.

Laiye believes that the adoption of digital workforce solutions can be categorized into three stages: The first stage involves Robotic Process Automation (RPA), capable of replacing humans in high-frequency, repetitive tasks such as data entry, applicable to departments like finance and human resources. The second stage introduces Co-pilot, which assist humans in tasks requiring a degree of creativity, like content creation and code generation. This stage facilitates the transition from chat to work and is suitable for departments such as marketing and research and development. The third stage features AI Agent, capable of independently performing various tasks based on specific goals, including task decomposition and execution.

This digital workforce adoption blueprint has been widely acknowledged by many customers and partners on this trip. AI Agents are the bridge between employees and systems, employees and data, and are capable of operating complex systems, processing unstructured data, interacting and collaborating with employees. Most of the work dealing with systems and data is handed over to AI Agents, which relieves employees of tedious and repetitive system operations, and can leverage knowledge and data of the company easily and effectively.

In 2024, Laiye will be focusing on building AI agents for enterprises, and create a more intelligent and efficient digital workforce ecosystem through continuous innovation.

Focusing on key industries, innovating with Laiye

The gaming and entertainment industry has long been the backbone of the economy of Macau. In order to attract a broader group of tourists, the industry has actively embraced the digital age and moved towards a more integrated and diversified approach. In this transformation process, digitalization has become one of the key factors driving progress in the industry.

Last December, Laiye won the prize of the "Sands Innovation Challenge" jointly organized by Sands Limited and BEYOND Expo for its IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) technology, a successful contributor to tourism digital innovation of Macau. Laiye IDP tech is driven by LLM and integrates a number of AI and automation technologies, which can effectively solve the problem of complicated data and cumbersome procedures, and achieve more efficient business management.

Laiye has been actively cooperating with a number of gaming and entertainment companies to empower them to increase ROI and enhance customer experience. During the HK Week 2.0 trip, Laiye also discussed with customers on how to integrate technological innovations into actual business, to achieve better results, and to help Macau's gaming and entertainment industry thrive in the digitalization age.

In Hong Kong, Laiye has been working with many customers in the fields of public affairs, finance, real estate, intelligent manufacturing, retail, etc. With the help of the digital workforce platform driven by LLMs, Laiye realizes intelligent and efficient business processes through the integration of automation and digital advanced technologies. It empowers retailers with a powerful tool to improve customer satisfaction, while the data analysis capabilities help financial institutions understand market dynamics and customer needs more accurately, and provide more accurate decision-making support. During this trip, Laiye also visited the Hong Kong customers and potential clients to exchange the application practice of AI Agent, and provide more comprehensive and intelligent support for the transformation of Hong Kong.

Partner Success, Our Success

Since signing the agreement two years ago , Laiye and ACW Distribution (HK) Limited have in-depth cooperation. ACW is known for its rich market experience and extensive distributor networks. As a golden partner of Laiye, which focuses on the field of AI, the cooperation can be regarded as a strong alliance.

Laiye's cooperation with ASL, the Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited, has also been very pleasant. Last November, Laiye was invited to attend the 50th anniversary celebration of ASL, and further demonstrated the digital workforce solutions at "ASL Solution Day 2023".

In addition, during the New Year's trip to GBA, Laiye also had in-depth communication with partners such as RIOCH, Vastcom, Mega, etc. Both parties are committed to seeking more opportunities for cooperation, and exploring the possibility of business expansion and innovation. In the year of 2024, Laiye launched the Partner Success program and made a solemn promise to the partners. We are looking forward to establishing closer partnerships with these outstanding brands to jointly promote technological innovation and provide more excellent solutions for our customers.

Upgrading services, the synergy of GBA adds to  globalization strategy of Laiye

In 2024, Laiye will further integrate and strengthen its internal customer success and service resources in GBA, realizing complementary team advantages and creating a team that serves large customers in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Hong Kong market has traditionally been a bridge between mainland and global with many MNCs and international headquarters of large China-based companies. We believe our commitment to Hong Kong will further propel our products and services to world-class levels and lay a solid foundation to widen our global footprint. In the future, Laiye will continue to invest in the local community and accelerate the adoption of AI agent.

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