How Sales and Marketing Can Benefit from Robotic Process Automation


The sales and marketing departments of any business are important in finding business leads, attracting customers, and generating revenue. However, many employees in these departments are weighed down by manual, repetitive tasks that demand a lot of time and effort, preventing them from focusing on their real job—marketing and selling their product.


In an increasingly competitive economy, higher expectations are placed on sales and marketing teams. It is important that these teams are operating at their full potential. Thus, many companies have adopted RPA (robotic process automation), software that can emulate human operations on a PC and complete repetitive tasks according to predefined logic. In fact, Gartner reports that by 2023, there will be a 30% increase in RPA usage for front-office operations. 

Here at Laiye, we offer Laiye UiBot, an RPA product that can help enrich your sales and marketing departments.




Has your sales and marketing departments witnessed these difficulties?


Behind each business lead or sale is a string of manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes. Some of them may include:


  1. Monitoring and adjusting prices. 
  2. Sales and marketing teams have to keep an eye on competitors' prices. Changes in competitors' prices could mean drastic changes in sales, and it might also require a price adjustment. However, obtaining real-time market information is time-consuming and also difficult, as there will likely be a time lag.
  3. Tracking events and new competitors. It is important to be informed about new entrants to the market, future events, and marketing campaigns. Like monitoring and adjusting prices, the large volume of information online is difficult to keep track of, and it is easy for useful information to get drowned out.
  4. Overseeing CRM (customer relationship management).
  5. Sales and marketing teams need to manage customer contact information, such as name, email, phone number, and so on. Though CRM is essential, updating it is tedious and error-prone, not to mention time-consuming.
  6. Watching client accounts.
  7. Often, sales and marketing teams need to monitor client account subscriptions and payments and follow up with customers when needed. However, this is monotonous, and some accounts may go by unnoticed.
  8. Monitoring social media. 
  9. Especially for marketing, governing multiple social media accounts and tracking metrics is a stressful time commitment.
  10. Processing sales orders. 
  11. Whether digital or paper, orders need to be processed, verified, and uploaded onto ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. This process can be slow and tedious, and human error is inevitable.
  12. Forecasting and reporting.
  13. Sales and marketing teams need to report on the current market situation and forecast future conditions. This requires processing and analyzing large volumes of data in order to make a grounded forecast. 



How can Laiye help?


Laiye UiBot is an RPA product that can greatly improve efficiency, worker satisfaction, and accuracy while lowering costs by helping automate repetitive work. Unaffected by fatigue, stress, or emotions, Laiye UiBot robots can work 24/7, all year round with over 95% accuracy. Capable of reducing tasks that traditionally take four hours to only taking ten minutes, Laiye UiBot would be a great addition to your sales and marketing departments.


Laiye UiBot robots can find and monitor new information online for you, whether it's keeping a wary eye on price changes, upcoming events, or new suppliers in the market. Capable of screen-scraping, Laiye UiBot can gather all related information in real-time and send reports to the sales and marketing team so that they can stay up to date with market conditions. By filtering and compiling lots of data, RPA can also generate reports and create accurate forecasts based on real-time information. 


Moreover, Laiye UiBot can greatly help CRM. First, Laiye UiBot robots are capable of extracting information from a variety of different file formats, such as PDF, Word, Excel, and so on. The robots can gather potential customer information and automatically input data into the CRM system, as well as update previous customer information seamlessly. All of this can be done in virtually no time and with virtually perfect accuracy. 


Additionally, robots can monitor existing client accounts and generate notifications whenever a subscription is about to end or a payment is overdue, greatly simplifying the process. RPA can also oversee social media platforms.


Last but not least, RPA can also drastically enhance sales order processing, eliminating unnecessary delays. Even if the sales orders are on paper, Laiye UiBot is equipped with OCR (optical character recognition) which can accurately scan paper orders and process them alongside digital versions in ERP software.


Get started with Laiye UiBot today!


Implementing RPA means reducing inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and costs. This will free up a lot of the sales and marketing teams' time, allowing employees to leave manual work for the robots and focus on what matters most: marketing and selling!


With help from our professional team, your sales and marketing departments can learn how to build robots in just one or two hours. The addition of robots will enhance your team. Why wait?


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