Retail: Home-improvement Simplify Global Delivery Process



As one of the biggest home retailers in the world, a European home retailer corporation has operated hundreds of stores, and the annual passenger flow has been closing to 1 billion.

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of the business, the retail business channel continues to expand, online and offline is working more closely, and the volume of global procurement numbers also increasing.

In order to organize the order and express business well with the great service quality, the company has deployed more than 60 RPA robots in their own business from front to back, for developing company the process automation and accelerating the transformation to intelligent retail.


Order delivery, adjustment of distribution schedule, global supplier coordination, customer service and so on

Before deploying:

1. The staff is busy with so many complicate processes, which brings high intensity and low efficiency of work.

2. When facing mountains of workload, staff is prone to mistakes due to fatigue. There comes the risk of rework and complaints.

3. Delays caused by the backlog of business can increase customer waiting time, thereby reducing customer satisfaction.

After deploying:

1. Orders processing, tags generation and delivery management can be automated by RPA robots. The efficiency will be improved and processing time will be shortened.

2. RPA will ensure the accuracy of data inputting. Once a delivery error has been found, the robot will inform call center agent immediately and send new contact methods and delivery options to customers.

3. RPA can meet customer’s requirements of adjusting distribution schedule and reporting information of deliveryman and delivery time.

4. RPA will release staff from a large amount of repeating and boring work. They can engage in more meaningful work, so that their participation and satisfaction will be increased.

5. Man-machine cooperation will increase flexibility and extensibility of work as well as user experience.

Deployement effect:

By deploying RPA robots, the home retailer has optimized business processes. Every year, it can process 200,000 orders automatically, save over 5000 work hours and eliminate order entry errors. The customer satisfaction has been improved.

Furthermore, the company also created RPA COE (Center of Excellence) which consisted by 20 people to ensure the smooth operation of RPA. It is going to promote RPA to more business for helping staff increase work efficiency and enhancing the overall revenue and market competitiveness of the company.

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