RPA at the Heart of a Telecommunication Carrier Ecosystem


Telecommunications are a central aspect of our daily life. We are connected to each other all the time and it's thanks to our devices. Communication service providers are struggling with tremendous volumes of operational processes such as increasing business agility, managing data, improving business efficiency, controlling costs, and developing new models/services.

There are numerous business processes in the telecommunication carrier ecosystem that are highly manual, repetitive, and rule-based such as service assurance, service fulfillment, revenue management, billing, and so on. These repetitive processes prevent communication service providers from focusing on more value-added tasks and their customers, making them suffer from low productivity, high overhead expenses, and an enhanced risk of errors.

Highly manual tasks require constant human intervention that taking up employees' quality time thus reduces work productivity and enhances the risk of errors. This increases the operating cost spent on maintaining data security, managing a high volume of data, hardware and software costs, employee wages, and so on. Therefore, it raises a serious challenge for telecommunication service providers in managing high overhead expenses.

Therefore, communication service providers are having a fertile ground for the process automation using RPA. In this blog, we will give you a few examples of the use cases RPA has in telecommunications.

Query Processing

RPA bots could be linked to email and social media platforms and receive the customers' queries, interpret them using machine learning techniques such as NLP and reply to the frequently asked questions. The questions that need human decisions will be passing to humans which results in enhanced customer satisfaction.


RPA bots could automate processes such as invoicing, maintenance of billing records of the customers, and reconciliation with high accuracy and error-free.

First Call Resolution

RPA bots could automate the data collection task promptly. This will assist telecom agents in addressing the customer demands on their calls without keeping them waiting to collect their information for a personalized response.

Customer Onboarding / Offboarding

RPA bots could automate the on-boarding and off-boarding processes swiftly which leads to a clear view of all customers and their information. It will save the employees time, increases their productivity, and reduces the operating costs and risk of errors.

Price Tracking

RPA bots could collect information from various sources. They are capable of monitoring the competitors' prices on a real-time basis and generating the report on the latest updates. It can provide a comparative price analysis that helps in price-fixing.

Scalability & Improved Efficiency

RPA could be integrated with the current infrastructure of the communication service providers while it is highly scalable and it's capable of handling tasks to any extent. This could ease the pressure of doing tedious and tiresome tasks on employees and improve their efficiency and satisfaction from the work environment.



In Summary

Communication service providers are having a fertile ground for automation. They are already having all the infrastructure required for process mining using RPA tools. Comprehensive analysis of the processes in the telecommunication industry has shown that the majority of tasks performed by communication service providers could be automated using attended or unattended bots which results in reducing the operating cost, improving the efficiency of the employees, and enhancing the customer satisfaction from the service provider.


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