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We know enterprises have numerous options when it comes to an automation solution. To pick a proper automation tool, there are many things to consider such as technology, products, service, and so on. Laiye offers fast, affordable, efficient, and easy to use RPA tools designed for businesses and enterprises to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively.

Laiye UiBot robots are very effective for both large and small businesses as they help them complete their tasks and workload quickly. Moreover, they also minimize human effort in tasks such as data entry, data aggregation, and so on.

Laiye UiBot as the biggest RPA company in Asia offers the best RPA tools for businesses, as it's backed by more than 19 years of experience in automation tools, rooting from QuickMacro. In this blog, we have listed some of the most important benefits that distinguish Laiye and make enterprises turn to us for their automation needs.

Ease of Use

One of the most important factors for enterprises in evaluating the useability of RPA tools is the short learning curve. Laiye UiBot offers more than 400 default processes which can be added to the automation flowchart by only drag-and-drop which makes the learning process very convenient and desirable.

Unique UI Design

One of the most significant reasons which bring the ease of use to the Laiye UiBot RPA tools is its unique UI design in which users can have access to the processes (Visual View) and their codes (Code View) inside the blocks. This makes it significantly convenient for developers to add automation processes by only drag-and-drop while they can see the automatically generated code at the same time.


AI Tools

Compared to similar products on the market, Laiye UiBot is offering a much more powerful RPA tool. It is all thanks to numerous AI-based tools for OCR, OMR, NLP, and so on, that we are offering to the users. Data entry is one of the most time-consuming tasks in all organizations. OCR will extract the data from computer-written or hand-written documents or files. Extracted data will be inserted in different databases such as an excel file, offline desktop applications, websites, etc. It can reduce the operating cost to a great extent while improves employee's satisfaction and efficiency.

Personalized Add-Ins

Having tones of default tools is an advantage, yet organizations might want to link some specific pieces of code to perform customized tasks for them. Laiye UiBot can support C, Lua, Python, .Net extension, and third-party SDK that makes the automation process favorable to the developers. It means users can package, install, and deploy their codes and add them to the list of available tools swiftly.

Customer Support

While there are many factors to consider such as technology, products, service, and more, the voice of the customer should be a top consideration. It's clear that developing and managing an RPA solution can be a challenging task, which is why Laiye is committed to providing an incomparable customer service with trained customer success managers and 24/7 global support for all clients at all stages of their RPA journey.

Last Words

If you are uncertain about which processes are suitable for automation, or if the project makes economic sense turn to us. An RPA implementation can quickly make an outstanding transformation even in the largest of businesses. If it all seems overwhelming to you, turn to us to handle your RPA strategy, RPA Proof of Concept, RPA Proof of Value, RPA Tools, and RPA implementation. Request our Free Consultation today!

About Laiye

Laiye, founded in 2015 by Ivy League Ph.D. graduates, is committed to being a leading Smart Robot platform with global influence in the era of human-robot collaboration. Our portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers RPA+AI Solution, including Laiye UiBot (An RPA product), Wulai (An enterprise chatbot platform), and Xiaolai (A companion robot). Join us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebook, or visit us at



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