Winners of Laiye Automation Challenge (August – September 2021) Revealed


Thank you to all developers who participated in Laiye Automation Challenge and make it a resounding success! The challenge seeks to recognize developers whose innovative solutions encompass the transformational power of Intelligent Automation.

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The submissions were evaluated based on their creativity, impact, and the overall presentation in the live demo.


Heartiest congratulations to the top 3 winners!


1. 1st place - Team Simple: Team Simple created an RPA bot with OCR capabilities to read and process images of energy meters sent by customers. The bot subsequently generates an electricity bill which is sent to the customer via email and also recorded in the company database. Judges praised this solution for its tremendous value and high level of creativity.


2. 2nd place - Robin Zaman: Robin Zaman developed a bot that could synchronize information between multiple databases in real-time, ensuring that there is no data discrepancy within the organization. This solution highlights how RPA could be highly advantageous as an increasing number of enterprises move towards paperless environments and electronic databases.


3. 3rd place – Shubham Pardeshi: Shubham built an RPA bot which could scrape relevant information from the web and automatically send a detailed report with the latest data and statistics related to COVID-19. The report could also be filtered and customized to meet specific needs of the user. This submission illustrated the way in which RPA could be effectively utilized by research organizations and academics in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.



We would be sending a token of appreciation to all entrants for showcasing your unique and deserving work of innovation.


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