Shaping tomorrow’s work system together.

We believe that intelligent automation will change how people work.
That change starts here at Laiye.

Create the future of work

At Laiye we envision a future where businesses and people are transformed by the power of intelligent automation, by software robots that help them do better... and be better.

It’s a bold, audacious and rewarding mission that our diverse team is dedicated to achieving. It’s meaningful work that impacts peoples’ lives and contribute to making Work a better place.

That’s why at Laiye we want amazing people to work with us — no matter their time zones, career goals or lifestyles. And we're here to support your growth and development wherever you are in your career, and wherever you are in the world.

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Life at Laiye

At Laiye, we are always looking to Do Better, Be better. This is at the heart of everything we do - we believe that a great workplace is made up of great people. It is our mission to enable and empower our employees to continuously Perform, Evolve, and Thrive.

  • We promote Excellence & Empathy as our core values at Laiye.
  • We aim for customer success, we efficiently pursue perfection, and we advocate continuous improvement.
  • We love to leverage collective genius and collaborate as One Team. We highly appreciate open and honest conversations, with integrity as the pillar of our constitution. We empathize with, and are compassionate about our teammates, which enables us to create win-win solutions and achieve greater satisfaction.
Customer  success
We exist to create value and drive success for all the stakeholders in our ecosystem.
Efficiently  pursue perfection
The efficient pursuit of perfection means we stay laser-focused to "do better and be better".
Continuous improvement
Change is the only constant. We pursue innovation and iterative perfection.
One team
We leverage the strengths of our stakeholders in a collaborative environment to solve for success.
Openness & integrity
Being open and honest builds trust in an efficient and effective way. Openness thrives within boundaries which integrity helps uphold.
Be Compassionate
Compassionate allows us to truly understand the needs, wants, fears and desires of others, It is that empathy which distinguishes humans from machines. And enables us to create win-win solutions and gain satisfaction from helping others succeed.

Inside Laiye

Our LEAP initiative

To ensure that each one of us, whether a fresh graduate or seasoned executive, never stops learning, Laiye Education Assistance Program (LEAP) is established to sponsor employee learning opportunities, leveraging both our internal enablement tools and external resources.

You will enjoy full support here at Laiye to achieve your ambitions and reach your maximum potential.

Our flexible work arrangement

At Laiye, we strongly believe in providing our employees full freedom, entrusting them with ownership and responsibilities.

We recognise that no one knows you better than yourself  – and only you know how you can perform at your full potential. That’s why we provide you freedom over how you work and when you work.

Our flexible working policy allows you to choose your own working environment – whether it’s taking advantage of our modern, open-plan offices (Currently, we have physical offices in UK, France and China) or the comfort of your home office, we provide you full control over your way of work and support you every step of the way.

Navigating in a global team

We highly value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and we create and appreciate a culture of candor and feedback. Everyone’s thoughts matter. If you bring a fresh perspective into something, we will do our best to support it. We are regularly introduced to new perspectives, given our international presence which spans across APAC, EMEA, Amercias, and beyond.

At Laiye, you will navigate in a truly global environment and unlock endless growth opportunities to help you do better, be better.

Picture of Guanchun Wang, Chairman, Co-founder & CEO at Laiye
Chairman, Co-founder & CEO
Picture of Yichuan Hu, Co-founder & CTO at Laiye
Co-founder & CTO
Picture of William D. Vanderbilt, Global Enablement Officer at Laiye
William D.
Global Enablement Officer
Picture of Braham Shnider, Global Strategy & Ecosystem Officer at Laiye
Global Strategy & Ecosystem Officer
Picture of Brad Fornaciari, Global Brand Advisor at Laiye
Global Brand Advisor
Picture of Ronen Lamdan, CEO of Laiye International at Laiye
CEO of Laiye International
Picture of Gary Saw, General Manager, APAC at Laiye
General Manager, APAC
Picture of Neil Parker, General Manager, EMEA at Laiye
General Manager, EMEA
Picture of Petter Dalén, General Manager, Americas at Laiye
General Manager, Americas