Out-of-the-box robot mall

· A wealth of cases and vivid videos: covers a large number of common processes in your daily work, and includes video presentations of successful cases.

· Various scenarios and a wide coverage: presents more than ten industry areas such as e-commerce/logistics/human resource/finance/medical care/education. There is always one suitable for you.

· Download with one mouse click and out-of-the-box usage : download, install and start the robot with just one mouse click.

One-stop trading platform for RPA robots

· Affordable and cost-effective: a large number of developers with extensive hands-on experience are available to provide tailored, affordable and high-quality automated process solutions.

· Professional service and timely delivery: certified developers are highly professional and focus on improving customer experience. They can quickly provide remote/on-site development and online/offline consulting services as well.

· Exclusive and carefree service: butler-style exclusive service is provided throughout the whole transaction to protect the interests of customers One-stop trading platform for RPA robots.

A win-win talent market for both supply and demand

· Talented and experienced engineers: Thanks to Laiye's strong developer ecosystem, we have engineers with abundant project experiences Transparent price list, safety and reliability: the price of engineering service is clearly marked. We guarantee you a carefree process.

· Large profits and guarantees from the platform: Bot Store is the official platform channel that doesn't charge for any commission and makes it easy for engineers to make money through technology.

· More opportunities and career achievement: newbie developers participate in real projects under guidance and can have rapid personal development.