Share, analyze and manage automation pipelines in one place

Laiye Creativity Center collects all automation pipelines in your organization and tracks them along the journey of submission, analysis, review, development and delivery.

Place all roles in order and manage automtion pipelines here

Icon for Eliminate information opacity
Eliminate information opacity

Everyone can directly get a view of what the process stage is and what will be done in the next steps from the dashboard.

Icon for Avoid "reinventing the wheel"
Avoid "reinventing the wheel"

All the automation pipelines are managed in one place rather than by separating departments. Resouses and ideas are easy to share to avoid "reinventing the wheel".

Icon for Build a center of excellence
Build a center of excellence

All roles and responsibilities are defined and all rules and templates are provided and allowed to be customized. It helps your digital transformation with a CoE.

Icon for Integrate all efforts
Integrate all efforts

Provide a platform where all people can find their own role whatever their strengths or talents are, thus integrating efforts of all people with strong sense of achievement.

Templates and best practices

Provide standard templates following best practices, including process definition document, analysis document, which completely cover the documents you need along the pipeline management.

Document archive and version management

Support tracking automation pipelines in each stage and archive related documents accordingly. In terms of different versions, we provide version management function, which is linked to Automation Commander. A high-class mechanism of document archive and version management is at your finger.

ROI and opportunities visualization

Estimate the complexity and ROI to determine the priority. Visualize the status as well as the performance of each automation pipeline. With this function, business analysts can improve their decisions and sharpen business analysis skills. While digital transformation leader can directly get a view of the benefits gained from intelligent automation.

Differences between community version & enterprise version

Community version
Entreprise version
Process editing
Need network connection
Parameters and credentials
Commands relating to The Hub
Commands relating to Date Service

Differences between SaaS Version & On-premise Version

SaaS Version
On-premise Version
Building Skills
Flow Builder
Table QA
Document search
Online Learning
Issue Management
Knowledge Mining
Preset Messaging Channel
Preset Voice Channel
Pre-built Connectors
Pre-integrate vendor
Preset Customer service
Custom Handover API
User Channel Widget
Customer experience
User Feedback
NLU Customization
Multi-Model Interaction
Dynamic Dialogue Policy
Personalized Experience
Metadata Application
Authority system
API Integration

Differences among different types

Attended & Floating
Attended & Node-locked
Unattended & Floating
With account and password
With “Activation code”
With Secret Key
Not Need
Not necessary

Differences between community version & enterprise version

Community Version
Enterprise Version
Process Execution
Node-locked License
High-Density Deployment

Differences between community version & enterprise version

Community Version
Enterprise Version
Foundational Function
Client Software Update
Parameters & Credentials
Real-time Monitoring and Screencap
Role & Department Management
Open API

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