All server-side products such as RPA Commander and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provide Open API to easily facilitate your business system calls

· Use Restful API and support almost all programming languages, easy to call.

· Most features can be implemented through Open API without manual operation.

· Extensive and detailed Open API documentation and example code make using server-side products very IT newcomers friendly.

Client products (such as RPA Worker) provide SDKs to call their functions at any time without showing the interface

· For Python, C #, NodeJS and other programming languages.

· Multi-process and IPC approach do not affect the security and reliability of your software.

· In simple mode, the functions of RPA Worker can be incorporated into your software with only a few lines of code.

· Professional mode is powerful and logical and supports asynchronous calls, state callbacks and others.

Server-side products such as RPA Commander and Intelligent Document Processing support multiple unified authentication methods to allow single sign-on (SSO)

· Access other trusted business systems with one login.

· Support OAuth2, LDAP, Windows Directory and other common unified authentication methods.

· Support cross-domain single sign-on, with both security and convenience.