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Use cases ready to work for your Retail operations

Leverage our library of use cases for the retail industry to quickly start automating processes that are slowing you down and losing your customers.

Sales Accounting Processing Use case Icon

Sales Accounting Processing

Learn how bots can help you automate and reduce time spent on various accounting processes.

Invoice Processing Use case Icon

Invoice Processing

Learn how bots can help to automate your invoice processes and claims management.

Customer Support Use case Icon

Customer Support

Learn how chatbots and conversational AI can help to service and provide support to your customers.

Product Categorization Use case Icon

Product Categorization

Discover how bots can help to categorize your products automatically.

Trade Promotions Use case Icon

Trade Promotions

Discover how bots can help you quickly and accurately analyze promotional activities with speed and accuracy.

Returns Processing Use case Icon

Returns Processing

Discover how bots can help to manage and automate your refunds and returns processes.

Sales Analytics Use case Icon

Sales Analytics

Discover how bots can help to provide valuable insights to inform your sales and product strategies.

Customer Insights Use case Icon

Customer Insights

Discover how bots can help to provide valuable customer insights to inform your marketing and product strategies.

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How Walmart is using Intelligent Automation to automate 80% of customer inquiries

Walmart engaged Laiye to help them make their processes more efficient and improve customer expeirence.

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The result
Walmart can now easily handle spikes customer service volume and 80% of inquiries are handled without human intervention.

Success guaranteed, or your money back

Laiye is the first Intelligent Automation platform to offer a risk-free incentive to retailers looking to successfully implement automation and digital transformation in their business.

We work with you to determine what results you want to achieve and will refund 100% of the value of the software license fees if your business goals are not achieved within an agreed time frame.

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