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Having hosted over 150 offline training sessions, distributed over 1,259,257 product downloads, and served over 311,213 registered users, Laiye Technologies is a leading RPA developer and supports the largest RPA developer community ecosystem in China.

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Who is Laiye?


At the cusp of an exciting new age of human-robot collaboration, a group of Ivy League ph.D. graduates came together in 2015 and established what is now Laiye, China’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company. Envisioning a future where robots are for everyone and striving to build the most intelligent robot products, Laiye specializes in RPA, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), deep learning, reinforcement learning, and other related technologies to bring this vision into fruition. To make it happen, Laiye offers a variety of quality products, including

  • Xiaolai, a personal companion chatbot;
  • Wulai, a chatbot platform that helps enterprises build, train, and deploy chatbots;
  • UiBot, an enterprise-grade intelligent RPA product that can emulate human operations on a computer.

With over 19 years of RPA experience, we are committed to being a leading smart robot platform with global influence. The only Chinese NLP technology provider to be named Gartner’s “Cool Vendors for Artificial Intelligence in Asia” in 2018, Laiye has been globally recognized by the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) and Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) for our groundbreaking progress and potential.

What products does Laiye offer?


We began our journey with the launching of our first product, Xiaolai, in 2015. Xiaolai is a personal companion chatbot that currently serves 18 million uses on WeChat. From there, we began to produce products that could help businesses reach higher efficiency and free up labor from tedious tasks: Wulai and UiBot.

Guanchun Wang, the Chairman and CEO of Laiye says that “the synergy between Laiye’s existing AI capabilities, including our chatbot platform product Wulai, and UiBot will allow customers to build bots with both brains and hands so as to significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.”.


Guanchun Wang, the Chairman and CEO of Laiye


Following Laiye’s merge with Awesome Technologies in 2019, Laiye entered the RPA market, launching UiBot the same year. UiBot combines RPA and AI to help businesses in any industry automate mundane, repetitive, and tedious processes on the computer, such as simultaneously logging into multiple accounts, scanning information in a word document, or inputting data into an Excel spreadsheet. UiBot is a suite consisting of Creator, which designs how each robot functions; Worker, which operates existing robots; and Commander, which deploys and manages robots. Supporting Flowchart view, Visualization view, and Source Code view, UiBot is accessible to those that do not have technical knowledge of extensive programming knowledge, making it truly for everyone!

After using UiBot, the time it takes to complete a 2-4 hour task can be reduced to only 15-30 minutes, with an accuracy rate over 95%.

Satisfied customers have voiced how important UiBot has been in transforming their businesses.

One of our clients, Digital China, is very satisfied not only with UiBot as a product but also with the training materials and services that come with it. Digital China told us that while many RPA developers place emphasis on their products, they often do not focus on training, business empowerment, or win-win scenarios as much as Laiye does. At Laiye, we offer training materials and support for our clients, ensuring that everyone can learn how to use UiBot as its full potential.


By 2017, we launched Wulai, a chatbot platform that helps enterprises build, train, and deploy chatbots, which can automatically answer questions or perform tasks 24 hours a day with accuracy rates over 95%. Wulai utilizes deep learning, improving its ability to answer questions and perform tasks over time.

By using Wulai to build Q&A bots and taskbots, enterprises can significantly cut customer service human costs by 70% and logistical costs by 60%, which in turn increases both employee and customer satisfaction by 80%. Fast, personalized, and reliable, Wulai is currently used by many enterprises such as Huawei, Cathy Capital, DiDi, China Mobile, Roche, Walmart, McDonald’s, Nike, and more. 

One of our satisfied clients is Wyeth Nutrition, which reported a 95% accuracy rate and a 50% increase in human services efficiency. Moreover, Wyeth told us that Wulai collected information regarding their customers’ spending habits and consumption needs, allowing it to create clearer profiles for each customer and thus personalize product suggestions accordingly.


Looking Forward

Here at Laiye, we are always striving to fulfill our mission of bringing robots to everyone and to improve our products. For example, recently we launched UiBot Mage as the newest addition to our UiBot suite, which specializes in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), language understanding, and conversational intelligence.

It’s like picking fruits from trees,” CTO Yichuan Hu said. “First, we choose the low-hanging ones by satisfying client’s requirements with basic RPA. However, with the continuous upgrade of the client’s requirements, we need to fetch high-hanging fruits on the tree now. That’s why we need AI to extend RPA’s capability.”.



Yichuan Hu, the CTO of Laiye

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Laiye’s technologies will help businesses affected by these trying times, especially those related to healthcare. Looking forward, we strive to do better, be better, providing everyone with intelligent robots!

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