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Since its inception in 2003, AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund has dedicated itself to enhancing investment management and delivering client value. By mid-2023, the fund managed 88 billion USD across 59 public and 206 private offerings, leading the industry in equity investment management.

Amidst evolving market trends and regulatory frameworks, the fund has embraced digital transformation, leveraging AI and big data to stay ahead in the financial sector. In 2020, it integrated Laiye's large langauge model powered digital workforce solutions to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction, setting an example for the industry's digital transformation.

With the digital economy booming, AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund is focusing on digital upgrades to boost employee productivity, reduce costs, and increase task precision. Partnering with Laiye after extensive research, it has implemented digital workforce solutions in 36 scenarios, automating tasks in research, private investment, fund operations, and more. This has saved approximately 1550 minutes in labor per day, bolstered business processes, and provided round-the-clock services, solidifying AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund's digital edge in the market.

Building general and high-value business scenarios

AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund is streamlining its operations through digital transformation, focusing on creating high-value business scenarios. By utilizing digital workforce, the fund has automated routine tasks such as checking fund positions and transactions, which previously consumed 3-4 hours of manual work per day. This automation includes logging into various fund platforms, consolidating data, and updating databases while also monitoring for any discrepancies in accounts or data.

To manage this digital workforce effectively, AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund has implemented an advanced digital workforce management platform. This upgrade has significantly improved the intelligence, precision, and visibility of the overall management system.

Accelerating the digital transformation process

The AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund has made significant strides in digital workforce over the past three years, showcasing its value in various facets of the business.

01 Digital infrastructure expansion

The company's digital workforce enhances internal business functions, enabling real-time data acquisition, comparison, auditing, and monitoring. Robots are set to become part of the company's core digital infrastructure, elevating digital capabilities across departments. For instance, specialized robots in the Research and Fund Operation Departments automatically record and transcribe online meetings and are equipped with large model technology to analyze extensive texts. These innovations have already garnered recognition and are slated for broader internal rollout. It won the first prize of AI track in the digital talent training and skill application competition of Industrial Securities Group, and will be widely promoted internally in the future.

The first prize of AI track in the Digital Talent Training and Skills Application Competition of Industrial Securities Group.

02 Risk management enhancement

Traditional risk control is challenged by evolving customer needs and digital finance growth. The company has adopted an automated financial process audit in the finance department that relies on established rules to prompt real-time compliance checks, facilitating effective human-machine collaboration and mitigating compliance risks.

03 Industry-specific digital workforce exploration

Though still in early stages, digital workforce in asset management has great potential. AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund focuses on core businesses to automate processes in investment trading, registration, and consulting. Innovations like automated database backups at the disaster recovery center have streamlined operations and bolstered data security.

Looking ahead, AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund plans to leverage AI and large language models to advance digital workforce within the industry, driving business innovation and enhancing capabilities to support the real economy.

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