How CNBG makes Laiye intelligent automation a crucial part of its digitalization strategy

Through end-to-end automation, Laiye has helped CNBG streamline business processes, enabling them to power ahead with their global expansion efforts.

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China National Biotec Group (CNBG) is China’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare group, recognized for its strong R&D focus, complete product portfolio, large manufacturing capacity, and efficient Operation & Maintenance (O&M) supply management. They have over 10,000 employees, of which over 4,000 are scientists and technicians.


Manual Order Process Created A Backlog Of Orders

The manual order process required staff to review and approve the OA orders manually, which will trigger the ERP system to generate orders. A proficient employee could handle about 200 orders per day, but the order volumes grew as CNBG’s business grew.This arrangement resulted in a backlog of orders during peak periods such as the flu season. The situation worsened with the Covid-19 pandemic when the demand for new vaccines skyrocketed.

Manual Customer Qualification Audits Were Tedious

Customer qualification audits required manual checking and confirmation of customer information. This process involved a large amount of unstructured data, such as handwriting. The templates attached to the data were also not completely unified.Additionally, after passing the audit, staff needed to enter the information into the SAP system, filling out multiple customer information forms.


To further improve business efficiency, strengthen data security, reduce repetitive work and expedite business responses, CNBG launched an RPA+AI robot process automation and AI technology pilot program.This program deploys eight Laiye software robots, combining the following capabilities:Universal Text Recognition; Universal Form Recognition; Universal Card Recognition; Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Custom Template Recognition; Verification Code RecognitionStandard Address, Text Information Extraction Seal Recognition


With Order Processing Completely Automated, Backlogs Are Reduced

Implementation of the RPA software robots has completely automated the whole order process, greatly improving the order processing speed and reducing order backlog.The RPA tools operate round the clock, automatically logging into the OA and SAP systems and working on orders by obtaining the corresponding data from the relevant forms and comparing prices and addresses. Then, they generate and process delivery orders based on the delivery rules and automatically generate the order process reports.

Smart Audits Allow For Zero Human Error and 100% Data Accuracy

The RPA software robots can transform unstructured data into structured data by processing texts such as authorization letters and agreements. The technology automatically operates on customer master data tables and identifies form categories such as new customers, customer changes, and qualification updates. It can also maintain essential information such as licenses, saleable lists, and purchasing contacts while avoiding human error and ensuring 100% data accuracy.

100% End-To-End Automation Achieved, 24/7 Operations, and 412 Hours Saved Per Month

Laiye’s hyper-intelligent automation technology has automated CNBG’s customer audit process, enabling smart manufacturing.Three major types of CNBG’s business processes — order processing, master data maintenance, and customer file audits and data entry in the marketing operation center — are now automated 24/7.Automating the entire process has taken away the burden of manual, repetitive and mundane work. The software robots save CNBG 412 hours per month and have improved the accuracy rate by 15-20% compared to manual operation, ensuring the stable operation of business processes.Through end-to-end automation, Laiye has helped CNBG streamline business processes, enabling them to power ahead with their global expansion efforts.

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