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Guotai Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Guotai AMC), established in March 1998, has grown into a comprehensive and diversified large-scale asset management company capable of offering a full range of products to meet the needs of investors with different risk preferences. It is one of the few old-brand fund management companies in the industry that can simultaneously engage in various types of investment management businesses, including public funds, national social security funds, corporate/occupational annuities, and specific customer asset management.

Business pain points

As the economy grows, Guotai AMC has seen its asset management expand which needs digital transformation to streamline operations across five key areas: product and marketing, investment research and trading, risk control, operational, and business management. Despite efforts, the company still faces challenges like inconsistent processes, difficulty in data analysis, time-consuming repetitive tasks, manual inaccuracies, and slow response times.

Guotai AMC has implemented an RPA and AI-powered digital worker platform to address these issues, deploying 15 digital workers across more than 10 departments. This has led to significant improvements: a reduction of manual labor by over 1500 person-days per year, doubling process efficiencies, a 60% reduction in data verification time, and a data accuracy rate of 99.36%.

CIO Ni Ying acknowledges the progress in digitalization over the past decade and highlights the need for further expansion of the digital workforce to enhance business and operational digitalization.

Innovative practice aids, high-quality risk control

Guotai AMC is enhancing the management of its ETF products through innovative technology. Recognizing the complexity and risk associated with the numerous large-scale ETFs, the company has implemented an integrated system platform to mitigate operational risks and boost efficiency. It integrates RPA with AI for independent research, resulting in three digital scenarios that advance the intelligent and automated risk control of ETF products. This approach has led to a 100% increase in process efficiency and a 99% execution accuracy rate.

The system oversees 49 Guotai AMC ETFs, employing intelligent process optimization and real-time monitoring for document verification, fluctuation alerts, and file change notifications. This automated intelligence not only reduces human error but also enhances the precision and speed of business operations, ensuring around-the-clock, full-process intelligent control.

Efficient intelligence drives, high-quality investment decisions

Guotai AMC has enhanced its fund management and investment strategy with two AI-powered digital worker, utilizing OCR, NLP, and IDP technologies. This digital transformation facilitates the automated gathering and processing of extensive market data, leading to the efficient generation of detailed analytical reports with visual graphs for quick, accurate email dissemination. This shift not only saves time previously spent on manual data integration but also significantly boosts productivity by streamlining comparison and verification tasks. As a result, investment analysts can dedicate more attention to market trends, uncover trading opportunities, and improve their analysis, ultimately increasing the quality of investment decisions.

Ensure product operations, improve business flexibility

To enhance marketing efforts, the IT department at Guotai AMC has introduced three digital workers to support the brand and retail market teams. These digital assistants automate the collection and updating of market information and macroeconomic data, enabling the intelligent creation and refinement of over ten types of marketing and product performance reports. This alleviates the burden of granular data gathering, extensive report writing, and complex editing tasks faced by marketing staff. Leveraging RPA, NLP, and related technologies, the solution not only streamlines the production of promotional materials but also tailors customer engagement, boosting the quality of client services. This strategic deployment supports the company's fund marketing initiatives, enhancing the brand's presence and value in an evolving market landscape.

Empower internal operation, continuously accumulate brand assets

Across the company, over 10 digital automation scenarios have been implemented, resulting in an over 80% increase in internal operational efficiency. These digital tools enable cross-platform data integration, removing information silos and reducing around 80 repetitive tasks. Additionally, they process 248 emails for pension management and automatically update 864 disclosure reports annually. Daily automated monitoring of fund information expedites investment decisions, reduces manual workload, and supports timely business operations. The operations management department benefits from automated handling of regulatory submissions and fund verifications, yielding significant manpower savings and enhancing overall productivity.

"The company's strategy to broaden the use of digital worker, accelerating the integration of data and operations. This initiative aims to quickly convert data into business value, improving efficiency and security. The approach will transition Guotai AMC towards a fusion of business digitization and data-driven operations, fostering an advanced intelligent collaboration between human and machine in fund management." outlined by Ni Ying, Guotai AMC's CIO.

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