How the Latest Version of Laiye RPA Streamlines Workflows


At Laiye, we strive to create the best products for everyone. Based on user feedback, our team has developed a new and improved version of our artificial intelligence-powered robotic process automation (AI-powered RPA) product, Laiye RPA.

Laiye RPA consists of Creator, where users build robots; Worker, where users deploy robots; and Commander, where users organize robots. Laiye RPA 5.1 addresses advanced needs to ensure the highest operational quality. We have made functional additions, optimizations, and bug fixes to these three components.

In this article, we take a look at the most significant updates.

Creator 5.1.2 Updates

Creator, where users build their robots, has undergone significant improvements in the latest edition.


Major Additions and Optimizations

1. Export to Commander. A new function allows users to export from Creator to Commander. Exporting is convenient as users can choose a file path during the process. It also supports adding a description with a maximum of 2,000 words.

2. Custom Command Libraries. Using the BotScript programming language, users can create programs and add them to a command library. These Command Libraries make it convenient for users as programs only need to be created once and can be used subsequently in multiple processes. In four simple steps, "creating a new command library, writing programs, exporting the library, and using the library," users can now build versatile program repertoires.

3. Auxiliary Processes. Creator 5.1.2 now supports auxiliary process functions, which are simple, repetitive processes that can run in the background without affecting the primary process, significantly enhancing efficiency.

4. Process Location. Locating process controls is easier than ever in Creator 5.1.2. A number on the upper right corner of each flowchart element type will indicate the number of process control types the user has deployed. Users can click on the different types to see the different process blocks available and quickly locate them. Moreover, users can now conveniently rename blocks, making it easier to find them.

5. Command Center Optimization. We have removed obsolete buttons and functions and have organized commands according to their category in a more logical way.

6. Browser Extensions. The Google Chrome extension is now stable, and the newest version supports HTML cross-domain selection.

Command Modification

Creator has had significant changes to its command functionality.

1. Basic Commands. Two new basic commands, "Rem Comments" and "Subroutine," have been added. "Rem Comments" applies to the visualization and source code modes and can be used to add comments. "Subroutine" applies to the visualization mode and is used to create programs for custom command libraries or direct use.

2. Windows Credentials. Creator has also simplified managing Windows credentials whenever Laiye RPA needs to log into pages on the local computer. Three new commands, "Add Credentials," "Obtain Credentials," and "Delete Credentials," allow users to manage usernames and passwords easily.

3. Keybox. During automation, Laiye RPA can enter words extremely fast. Though this is efficient, overly-quick typing may result in the computer missing several keys. A new function, "Time between keystrokes (milliseconds)," has been added to counter this issue. Though the default is 100 milliseconds, users can set the desired time interval. The same applies to the time taken between inputting into different fields.

4. SMTP/POP. We have also improved Laiye RPA’s email compatibility. Creator now supports HTML-formatted emails and a new CC function.

5. Keyboard input. Creator also ensures greater accuracy with its added "Verify Written Text" function. This function compares content entered in the target field with the actual content filled in and only moves forward with the process if the two are the same. Any discrepancy would raise an exception.

6. Decimal. Creator now also supports enhanced decimal conversion as well as exception throwing.

Additionally, we have modified many existing functions to enhance user experience and complement the new additions listed above.

Worker 5.1.2 Updates

Worker has witnessed several updates to improve its versatility and functionality.


Significant Modifications

Worker now supports the 64-bit version. Additionally, Worker also supports independent process operations and has improved stability. Laiye RPA will record the crash information in the daily log if a crash occurs.

Major Bug Fixes

This version of Worker addresses previous bugs to vastly improve user experience.

For example, patches fix the following problems:

  • Elements generate smoothly on Yonyou U8 but fail to be obtained during runtime
  • The Java Selector fails to obtain a complete structure tree when grabbing elements on Kingdee EAS
  • Finished tasks reset to the first day of each month.

Commander 5.1.0 Updates

Commander's updates better reflect user needs.


Organization Structure

The new version of Commander features enhanced organization controls to enable even smoother workflows. Users can now view different users' roles, the number of users, and the last modification time. We have added a "View Details" option to help users access other users’ information, including their department, login account, and alias. Another new option allows users to view details about each role's information.

We have optimized the interface to support adding and editing roles to improve user management. Commander now has refined "Delete," "Modify," and "Check" functions and has exclusively set several functions to be "Only for system administrators.” These enhancements prevent non-administrator users from accessing the functions.

Data Management

Commander now supports more streamlined data management for the user's convenience. When adding a new parameter or editing an existing parameter, the "value" field that can be dragged and dropped now also supports a multi-line text box instead of the previous single-line text box.

Additionally, improved queue management now enables Commander to display how many messages have already been processed.

Process Management

Process management has also had several improvements, including adding and removing several buttons. A new function now supports uploading local .bot process packages.

Task Management

With the newest version of Commander, managing tasks is straightforward and convenient. A new function allows users to view files from the "upload new screenshot" subcommand corresponding to Creator 5.2.0's Commander command. Commander now supports querying file names and descriptions, and online document preview.

We have also optimized the task details interface to display task information, running information, task information scope, and sequence adjustment. The interface also displays information such as "distribution method," "execution method," and "task parameters." When the distribution method is set as automatic, a task with unassigned Workers will be displayed as "-" while a specific Worker name will be displayed if the task has been assigned.

A new display, "Create Category," has been added, supporting four categories:

  • Creation via task management
  • Creation via plan management,
  • Creation via OpenApi
  • Creation via RPA Worker client

The "Department" function has also been added to the queue details list. When Worker is authorized to run in multiple departments, users can distinguish which department the task belongs to.

Many additional tweaks, such as improved query methods, redesigned graphics, and modified refresh buttons, have also been added.

Looking Forward

Laiye constantly reviews our Intelligent Automation products to ensure users have the best experience. We hope that these improvements will enrich your experience using our suite of AI-powered solutions, and we encourage you to submit feedback so that we may continually improve our products.

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