How Laiye's RPA Created a Rapid Cure for Leading Pharma Firm’s Inefficiencies

December 22 2021

COMPANY Jointown Pharmaceutical Group is the largest non-state-owned pharmaceutical distribution company in China. Headquartered in Wuhan, the firm engages in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products, traditional Chinese medicine, and medical equipment. It also operates pharmaceutical logistics centers, e-commerce, and retail chains.

5 Ways Intelligent Automation is Transforming the Retail Industry

November 23 2021

Digital transformation and an accelerating shift to online shopping are reshaping the face of the retail industry. Retail businesses that want to succeed in this crowded, fast-evolving space must reinvent themselves quickly to keep ahead of the competition and drive sustainable growth. Intelligent automation that can enhance every phase of the retail journey is fundamental to this strategy.

Forging Ahead with AI and RPA innovation in LATAM

November 23 2021

Few of us could have anticipated Covid-19’s impact on people and businesses when the pandemic first emerged.

Putting legacy RPA to rest

November 17 2021

The benefits of automating mundane admin tasks are clear - to increase and diversify revenue, increase employee productivity and optimize legacy technology. But current RPA solutions are not delivering on those promises. These legacy RPA tools are great at automating simple siloed tasks, and yet fail to do so intelligently and at scale.

Winners of Laiye Automation Challenge (August – September 2021) Revealed

October 01 2021

Congratulations to the winners of Laiye August - September Automation Challenge 2021. Find out who the winners are, and their winning entries.

Bots Will Not Replace Humans: A Conversation With Laiye’s Lead Pre-sales Engineer

September 02 2021

In this conversation with Laiye’s lead pre-sales engineer, Afan Mawoule, we discuss some of the most common misconceptions and dig into why robots cannot and will not replace humans.

Laiye Automation Challenge August 2021 Starts Now

August 20 2021

Following the success of the previous competition, we're glad to announce Laiye Automation Challenge August 2021 themed around RETAIL. You will have three weeks to submit your innovative solutions using ANY RPA platform and win cash prizes! Register now and get creating!

Laiye Automation Challenge July 2021: Results Are In

August 18 2021

The most open RPA automation challenge has come to an end. Read here to know our talented winners.

Laiye Automation Challenge July 2021

July 20 2021

The automation challenge begins now! Submit your innovative solutions using ANY RPA platform and win up to $500! Open to anyone with RPA knowledge. Participating Laiye developers can receive a 2-month trial to the latest Laiye enterprise version, one of the only few RPA platforms around the world to feature Clone mode. Register now and get creative!