Healthcare Providers Address Pandemic With AI-Driven Laiye RPA Solution and Chatbot


"Amid the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, global intelligent automation provider Laiye continues to offer critical technical support for healthcare providers, helping them focus on providing better patient services.

Challenges faced by healthcare providers

With the global pandemic, most healthcare organizations are facing a crisis and running on thin margins. Hospitals have limited ability to receive patients due to complicated admission procedures, while patients are forced to book their appointments from home.

Due to these challenges, healthcare decision-makers are turning to technology that will help maximize efficiency while improving patient experience.

How Laiye supports the healthcare sector

Laiye’s integrated Intelligent Automation solutions enable healthcare organizations to work more efficiently, productively, and effectively. It has two parts: Laiye RPA and Laiye Chatbot.

Laiye’s native AI-powered RPA can improve the efficiency of a hospital’s legacy and manual processes to ensure greater accuracy and reduce manpower requirements. This is because Laiye RPA can simulate human operations and automatically perform process tasks according to predefined rules.

For instance, Laiye’s AI-powered RPA can manage, classify, and process patient data, warehouse data, and general documents while integrating data from multi-database systems.

Meanwhile, Laiye’s AI-powered Chatbot has the capabilities to provide value-added services such as digital assistants with sentiment analysis to handle organizations’ FAQs and social media queries, carrying on any conversation 24/7 with over 95% accuracy. It can also intelligently manage appointment bookings, doctor’s scheduling, patient inquiries, medical test booking, and medical research.

How the healthcare industry will adopt RPA

In a report, Gartner predicted that half of healthcare CIOs will use RPA by 2023 as the coronavirus pandemic increases pressure on healthcare decision-makers to optimize costs and maximize existing resources. According to Gartner, only 5% of the healthcare sector currently uses RPA platforms.

For the healthcare industry, the focus of RPA adoption is on tasks such as IT help desk, physician credentialing, and assessing insurance eligibility.

How Laiye solutions address industry needs

“Since most medical staff have no technical background, we have made Laiye’s AI-powered RPA easy to use. Everyone can complete the design work of RPA processes using drag-and-drop. Therefore, medical staff can be engaged in more value-added work,” said Laiye CEO and Chairman Guanchun Wang.

“With Laiye’s AI-powered Chatbot, medical providers can give a fast and precise response to each patient, and patients can be clear about their basic condition and make an appointment anytime, anywhere,” he added.

Guanchun Wang, CEO and Chairman of Laiye

Laiye is committed to helping fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic through its Intelligent Automation solutions, which enable healthcare providers to focus on providing better patient services.

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