How an IT giant used RPA to boost employee productivity


A prominent IT service provider prides itself on its perfectionist nature to ensure flawless delivery of IT solutions to its diverse range of customers across the globe. From application development to business process outsourcing to technology infrastructure, the company boasts a wide variety of solutions it can offer in line with the precise needs of the customer. With glamorous headquarters in New York, USA, the IT company has a global presence, having earned the trust of clients in over twenty countries.



Naturally, as a technology-centric company, the IT provider relishes in actively seeking out novel, innovative tech solutions to enhance the delivery of its services and continuously please clients. Conducting detailed, intensive market research, the firm dug into every possible tool for scrutiny before stumbling upon something truly revolutionary in the world of work: Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Excited by the breadth of possibilities RPA presented, no time was wasted in its implementation. The PoC (Proof of Concept) stage was passed in just one week, and it wasn't long before Laiye RPA Creator was introduced to the company's call center unit, which was packed with technical service personnel who looked as if they could do with a vacation.


Before RPA Implementation


1. Long waiting times: customers had to wait up to 30 minutes to receive a response.

2. Tedious work methods: staff had to force themselves to check every detail of customer's information, wade through their historical records, and manually input customer information into the system.

3. Stressful environment: At its busiest, the office frenzy would be obvious, with staff struggling to answer customers in time which in turn resulted in complaints and impact customer satisfaction.


After RPA Implementation


1. Response time was slashed by 50%: There were no more lengthy phone queues, since Laiye RPA Creator shouldered the simple customer requests, and forwarded more challenging queries to an appropriate customer representative.

2. Efficiency skyrocketed by 30%: Through smart teamwork of the staff and the bot, Laiye RPA Creator was able to use its AI capabilities to undertake many tasks such as recording customer information through analyzing the call transcript, leaving the staff members to apply themselves to jobs requiring their specific skills and expertise.

3. Less errors: Laiye RPA Creator is not prone to human errors due to its non-human nature. It remained alert throughout all its operations, leading to a substantial reduction in errors.

4. Less stressful working environment: due to the above results, the staff was no longer frantically speeding across the office, rushing to meet tight deadlines. Instead, they were able to enjoy a calmer environment which, in turn, put them in a pleasant state of mind to deal with customers.


The firm deemed RPA implementation to be a major success. They witnessed what can be achieved when humans and robots work side by side, and felt the need to encourage this harmonious and productive partnership in other areas of the business. Within months, the firm expanded the deployment of Laiye RPA Creator into other departments.


About Laiye

Founded in 2015, Laiye helps businesses achieve more, reach their full potential, and transform into smarter, more effective, efficient, productive enterprises. Laiye helps businesses and people realize their full potential by optimizing the human-machine collaborative alliance with sophisticated, dynamic, productivity-enhancing digital “workforce solutions”. Laiye delivers the deepest, most advanced AI/RPA/NLP solutions to help businesses become more efficient, effective, agile, and successful. And it frees people to focus on meaningful, innovative, mission-critical initiatives.


Core technologies include robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, natural language processing (NLP), conversational intelligence, text recognition, and image recognition.

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