IDC MarketScape: Laiye Ranks as a China's RPA Software Leader with Significant Strategic and Market Share Advantages


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Recently, IDC, the leading global IT research and advisory firm, released the report "IDC MarketScape: China RPA Software Platform Vendor Assessment, 2021". The report evaluates more than 20 independent RPA software providers in three dimensions: capability, market share, and strategy providing a reliable basis for enterprise customers to select RPA software for procurement. Laiye is ranked in the "Leaders" and is at the forefront of the RPA market in China, with strategic advantages and market share.

IDC analysts agree that Laiye has "AI native" and easy-to-use features at the product level. Its self-developed OCR, NLP, and conversational AI capabilities are widely recognized by customers. Laiye excels in expanding from individual users to small, medium, and large customer groups. In recent years, the number of customers accumulated in the Chinese market has grown significantly.


"Laiye has been committed to building world-class RPA+AI products. At present, one out of every five global top 500 companies in the Chinese market uses Laiye's intelligent automation products. This 'Market Leader' recognition by IDC is a double affirmation from the industry and the market for Laiye." Wang Guanchun, Chairman and CEO of Laiye, said, "Our strategic advantages, combined with a strong partner network and our 400,000 strong developer community will certainly help enterprise customers, government organizations, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, and higher education industries to quickly build up intelligent automation capabilities."


Laiye's RPA+AI products have always adhered to the strategy of core research in AI capabilities, resulting in a significant advantage in the development of intelligent automation products and solutions. These have been recognized by a number of institutions, including IDC. Through deployment of OCR, NLP, and conversational AI capabilities, Laiye has helped enterprise customers across industries such as Insurance, Communications, Utilities, Finance, Retail, Government, Healthcare and Education to achieve profound breakthroughs in business scenarios to build end-to-end automation solutions that result in productivity gains, increased revenues and reduced cost.


In recent years, the RPA products represented by "no-code" and "low-code" have become increasingly easy to use, with Laiye recognized as a market leader. From no-code, direct drag-and-drop robot building, to wizard-style process generation, to today's conversational flows, Laiye has been leading RPA bot development. In addition, Laiye has gained the recognition of 400,000 passionate developers who have created a library of over 1000 out of the box use cases.


In May 2021, Laiye announced a series of new major features and upgrades at the Laiye LEAD conference, covering RPA Creator conversational process generation, RPA Worker split run, RPA Commander real-time monitoring, IDP document understanding, and more further consolidating its leading position as an integrated automation platform.


Laiye has been committed to building an international Enterprise-grade RPA+AI platform, and its products have been consistently recommended by Gartner, HFS, Deloitte, and other institutional players recently. They have reaped the recognition of almost all international authoritative research institutions. At the same time, according to the "Patent Landscape of Robot Process Automation" report released by the Intellectual Property Center the Academy of Information and Communication Technology in April 2021, Laiye holds the largest number of patents out of any RPA vendor with up to 70% of Laiye's RPA patent applications related to artificial intelligence technology and RPA application scenarios. As a result, the ability to create intelligent automation scenarios has built upmarket advantages in the Insurance, Communications, Utilities, Finance, Retail, Government, Healthcare and Education industries.


About IDC MarketScapes

The IDC MarketScape  vendor analysis model is designed to provide an overview of the competitive fitness of IT, telecommunications, or industry-specific suppliers in a given market. The research methodology utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria that results in a single graphical illustration of each vendor's position within a given market. IDC MarketScapes provide a clear framework in which the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and current and future market success factors of IT, telecommunications, or industry-specific vendors can be meaningfully compared. The framework also provides technology buyers with a transparent foundation to enable companies to independently compare the strengths and weaknesses of current and prospective vendors.



About Laiye


Laiye has rich experience in RPA + AI and helps businesses and people realize their full potential by optimizing the human-machine collaborative alliance with sophisticated, dynamic, productivity-enhancing digital, low-code "workforce solutions." Laiye delivers the most profound, most advanced AI/RPA/NLP solutions to help businesses become more efficient, effective, agile, and successful. And it frees people to focus on meaningful, innovative, mission-critical initiatives.


Core technologies include robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, natural language processing (NLP), conversational intelligence, text recognition, and image recognition.

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