Laiye announces new product offerings powered by ChatGPT to revolutionize Digital Workforce solutions


Laiye, a pioneer in the Work Execution System category, has unveiled groundbreaking product offerings during the successful Laiye Lead product launch online event for the Southeast Asia (SEA), Hong Kong and Macau markets on June 20. These new solutions demonstrate Laiye's commitment to pushing the boundaries of Intelligent Automation technology and empowering businesses with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Magic Hat: Integrating Large Language Models into Work Execution Platform

Laiye introduced Magic Hat, an innovative and groundbreaking solution that seamlessly integrates Large Language Models' capabilities throughout the entire Work Execution Platform. Magic Hat significantly enhances Laiye's already established products, including RPA, IDP, and Chatbot, and allows enterprises and organizations to create a truly intelligent and powerful digital workforce.

Magic Hat for RPA: Improving RPA Development Efficiency, Maintainability and Extensibility

Magic Hat for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is designed to significantly improve RPA development efficiency, maintainability, and extensibility. It enables developers to generate RPA snippets, comments and plugins using natural language. With this advanced tool, businesses can streamline the automation development process, reduce the time and effort required to deploy automation solutions, and enhance the overall maintainability of automated workflows.

Magic Hat for IDP: Enabling Multi-task Document Automation

Laiye also unveiled Magic Hat for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), which offers support for multiple document processing tasks such as classification, extraction, summarization, and translation. This advanced IDP tool leverages pre-trained Large Language Models to automate document-related processes, eliminating the need for manual data labelling and model training. With Magic Hat for IDP, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and accelerate decision-making processes, ultimately unlocking new levels of productivity.

Large Language Model Powered Digital Workforce: Collaborative Automation for the Future

In a glimpse of the future, Laiye showcased its Large Language Model (LLM) powered digital worker, illustrating a collaborative work environment where human workers get jobs done by interacting seamlessly with digital workers. LLM powered digital workers are truly intelligent and powerful because they can understand user needs, break down complex user needs into executable actions and perform those actions on behalf of the user. This will enable businesses to leverage the strengths of both human and digital workers to realize human-machine collaboration.

Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Laiye commented: "Previously, RPA+AI enabled a digital worker to perform tasks on computers, communicate with customers and colleagues, and read documents. However, with Large Language Models, we can create an even more advanced digital worker with improved abilities and, for the first time, a genuine understanding of the world and the potential to encompass all workplace contexts. Additionally, complex tasks can now be intelligently broken down into smaller components and autonomously orchestrated between digital and human workers. These advancements are certain to enhance productivity and effectively close the work execution gap at both individual and organizational levels".

The product launch keynote and demo was presented by Yichuan Hu, Co-founder and CTO of Laiye. The event also featured keynote speakers of Stanley Li, Head of Data&AI of Microsoft Azure who shared futurist insight on the development of Microsoft Azure OpenAI and panelists of Sunny Ho, Director of IT Partners Limited, Arief Halim, CTO of Prodigi, Tauhid Abddul Jalil, General Manger of Laiye SEA, Iskandar Ahmat, Country Sales Director of Laiye Malaysia and Terry Leung, Country Sales Director of Laiye Hong Kong on a ChatGPT-powered Digital Workforce discussion.  

Watch on demand of the Laiye Lead 2023 for SEA and HK market, please visit: Laiye Lead Annual Product Launch

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