Laiye Named as a Major Contender in the Everest Group’s Conversational AI Technology Vendors PEAK Matrix® Assessment for 2021



Laiye, a global company dedicated to helping organisations achieve their full potential with Intelligent Automation solutions, announced its position as a “Major Contender” in the Everest Group Conversational AI Technology Vendors PEAK Matrix® 2021.


“We are excited to be recognised in the Major Contender category and to be placed among the top global vendors,” said Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Laiye. “Laiye has been developing conversational AI technologies since its founding 6 years ago. We have seen great success of AI-driven chatbots deployed for a wide range of customers, big or small, across many industries such as retail, telecom, insurance, healthcare and public services. Our deep learning embedded Conversational AI platform allows developers to easily build, train and deploy text-based chatbots or voice bots with high accuracy and performance. And what’s most exciting is that many of our enterprise customers have scaled up the adoption of conversational AI and, in conjunction of other automation and AI capabilities such as RPA and IDP, have built bots across multiple departments for both customer-facing interactions and internal processes.”


Laiye’s chatbot models are deployed through an easy-to-use visual interface, and integrate with multiple conversational user interfaces such as official websites, mobile apps, instant messaging platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These models are continuously improved by real data, and Laiye’s accumulated knowledge base and project experience in multiple industries enables high accuracy levels of over 95%.


Everest Group is one of the top international research firms focused on IT, Business Operations, and Engineering Services, helping clients gain insight into how they can solve their toughest procurement and digital transformation challenges. For the first time, the PEAK Matrix® report is focusing on conversational AI products, assessing 20 leading conversational AI technology vendors based on their vision, capability and market impact in different global service markets. The vendors are classified into three categories: Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants.


“Laiye, positioned as Major Contender in Everest Group’s Conversational AI PEAK Matrix® for 2021, is poised to uniquely support a huge and growing demand for Conversational AI solutions within the Asia-Pacific and in other regions,” said Sharang Sharma, Practice Director at Everest Group and the author of this report.


“Laiye’s conversational AI solution offers advanced capabilities, such as pre-built intents and ontologies for multiple industries and use-cases, support for voice capabilities, and tracking of customer behavior through analytics. Further, its investments in areas such as machine reaching comprehension technologies and a strong ecosystem of resellers allows it to address a huge demand for conversational AI support.”


According to Everest, Laiye has made continuous commitments to improve its existing products, technology, and service while increasingly investing in Machine Reading Comprehension. It also has pre-built ontologies and intents for several industries such as retail, healthcare and insurance. Meanwhile, Laiye stands out from the competition due to its powerful partner ecosystem and distribution system that are better able to support the growing demand for conversational AI.


Conversational AI technology is one of the key enablers of front-office automation. Businesses across the globe are recognizing its value in improving response speed and providing better service to customers, especially during peak periods. This technology is also able to help scale business operations, improve their employee productivity, and support internal processes such as those related to human resources (HR), IT, sales, Facilities& Administrative (F&A), and marketing. Conversational bots and conversational AI platforms have become one of the key infrastructures in the digital transformation process of enterprises.


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