Laiye Ranks As Having The Highest Number of RPA Patent Applications In The World


Laiye, the leading intelligent automation vendor, announced it holds the largest number of RPA related patents in the world, surpassing other players in the RPA field. This accomplishment was first made public at the 2021 RPA Innovation Summit in Beijing, where Laiye's product capabilities were also awarded the highest level of certification.



The RPA + Al provider came first in the global ranking of vendors with RPA related patent applications published in a recent report by China's Intellectual Property Office introduced at the summit.


Robotic Process Automation is a rapidly developing technology on a global scale with an increasing number of patent applications. As of 2021, the record of global RPA patent applications is approximately 991 with China's RPA patent applications accounting for 36.79% and US' patent applications 32%.


Laiye's patent applications extend beyond pure-RPA patents into fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and chatbots. The company's ownership of a large quantity and variety of RPA-related patents is a testament to its status as a prominent intelligent automation provider at a global scale.


Guanchun Wang, the co-founder and CEO of the company said, “Innovation is one of the main pillars of our strategy and vital to our growth in this competitive landscape. Having IP protection over our technologies enables us to continuously address global challenges with unparalleled creativity and fulfil our vision for a better future".


Laiye's dominance in the automation field is further demonstrated by its RPA product capabilities having been granted the highest level of certification. This signifies Laiye's RPA functionality to have reached an advanced level in the industry, confirming the company's ability to provide customers with technologically mature and advanced digital solutions.


Going forward, Laiye will continue to invest heavily in research and development to unearth new technologies and deliver unique solutions to contribute to the betterment of the society.


About Laiye


Laiye has rich experience in RPA + AI and helps businesses and people realize their full potential by optimizing the human-machine collaborative alliance with sophisticated, dynamic, productivity-enhancing digital, low-code "workforce solutions". Laiye delivers the deepest, most advanced AI/RPA/NLP solutions to help businesses become more efficient, effective, agile, and successful. And it frees people to focus on meaningful, innovative, mission-critical initiatives.


Core technologies include robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, natural language processing (NLP), conversational intelligence, text recognition, and image recognition.


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